The ’IX AEO International Seminar – Coordinated Border Management, the Integrated AEO Program, and e-Commerce Operations’, has started in São Paulo Brazil with a crowded full house with 450 participants from more than 20 countries.

I participated in the opening ceremony of the event & in the first panel on ’Regional Mutual Recognition Agreements for AEO’.

We have at our Maersk stand had a lot of contacts & positive discussions with both Private Sector & Government agency customers.

This is a great event organized by John Mein, Instituto Procomex & Receita Federal.

This is the best AEO event in the world.

It is always a pleasure to be back in Brazil, people remember me from 2014-2018 when I was supporting Brazil designing, building and implementkng the AEO Brazil programme.

Before the IX AEO International Seminar – Coordinated Border Management, the Integrated AEO Program, and e-Commerce Operations, starting tomorrow in São Paulo,

Instituto Procomex arranged a two day workshop for the 12 countries in Americas that has commited to a regional AEO mutual recognition programme.

John Mein, executive secretary of Procomex

Here my longtime colleague & friend John Mein, executive secretary of Procomex, stands before the result of the work mapping the border usingvthe unique & excellent Procomex process.

Mapping the border process, all involved Government agencies together with the private sector, is the key to coordinated border management.

Tomorrow the IX AEO International Seminar starts in São Paulo. This annual event is organized by Instituto Procomex & Receita Federal do Brazil, the Brazilian Revenue Authority.

I have had the honor to be Key Note Speaker on the previous eight conferences, having been senior advisor & arctitect on the design & development of the AEO Brazil programme, as well as having supported many other countries in the region on AEO.

Tonight there was a speakers dinner where I met a lot of good friends & colleagues. A.P. Moller – Maersk is a proud sponsor of this very important & timely seminar.

With friends Ernani A. Checcucci Filho, Jackson Corbari, Christer Andersson, Carlos Sueitt Jorge Rachid, Enrique Canon, Rodrigo Rebelo Bezzera.

What a great evening we had.