‪Ireland and the EU have reached a draft agreement to ensure free movement of Irish food products into EU ports via the UK land bridge post-Brexit.

Irish and EU officials have reached a draft agreement to limit the impact of Brexit on the movement of Irish food products and live animals into the rest of the EU via the UK land bridge, RTÉ News has learned.

As a result of the agreement, officials say Irish food exports will be able to access “green lanes” when they come off ferries traveling from British to continental ports.

You can read the article here: Draft deal agreed for movement of Irish food products

Source: T.Connelly/RTE

One of the most talented young football players right now is Swedish.

Dejan Kulusevski, born 25 April 2000, is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Parma, on loan from Juventus, and the Sweden national team. Juventus bought him earlier thisbyear to become the replacement for Christiano Ronaldo.

Born in Sweden to Macedonian parents, Kulusevski chose to represent his native country internationally at senior level, and made his full debut in 2019 for the Swedish national team.

Kulusevski is the youngest player in the five big European leagues that have made more than seven goals and seven assists.

Remember his name. Soon everybody will know of him.

Hollywood favourite filmstar, Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he in real life is not as hard as on film – privately he is ’allergic to everything’.

Mark Wahlberg is a popular actor who has done many memorable movies. My favourites are: The Departed and the The Fighter. I also liked the TV series about his early life, Entourage. In addition, Wahlberg had a career as muscician under the name Marky Mark.

Wahlberg is of Swedish, French-Canadian and Irish origin. His father was half-Swedish.