UK Government launched today plans to capitalise on new Brexit freedoms.

In a speech Lord David Frost, Minister of State at the Cabinet Officed, a number of initiatives were launched, including UK at the forefront of innovation and technology, including changes on; the use of Artificial Intelligence to supercharge its place in the UK economy, to grow investment, support research and development, and boost the nation’s skills – setting the standards for other countries to follow; Transport to unleash the UK’s potential as a world leader in future technologies like autonomous maritime vessels, self-driving cars and drones by modernising outdated EU vehicle standards; Farming to reform the regulations around gene-edited organisms, which will enable more sustainable and efficient farming and help produce healthier and more nutritious food.

UK PM Boris Johnson today did a cabinet reshuffle when Liz Truss was promoted to foreign secretary, as two of four top jobs go to women. Ms. Truss, 46, has completed a number of post-Brexit trade deals with countries around the world.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the former international development minister, has become the new Secretary of State for International Trade, replacing Liz Truss who has been promoted to the role of Foreign Secretary.

Trevelyan will lead the Department for International Trade (DIT) in its efforts to strike new free trade agreements and promote UK exports overseas.

Dominic Raab becomes justice secretary and deputy prime minister.

The pandemic has led to changing consumer behaviour, making it difficult for businesses to predict demand.

In this situation, FMCG companies need full supply chain visibility that lets them track inventory, manage it virtually, and predict lead times accurately.

Watch this roundtable discussion, moderated by Richard Wilding OBE (Professor), Professor of Supply Chain Strategy at Cranfield School of Management, where our experts discuss the importance of real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility and the role of technology and innovation in achieving it.

The way to manage your goods in the global trade system in a time of black swans like global pandemics, is through digital transparent visibility from end-to-end services, making supply & value chains more predictable, resilient & managaeble. These new digital services give traders an opportunity to optimize business with improved compliance & increased security.

As explained by Professor Richard Wilding from my old University, Cranfield School of Management in the video below.

Watch the video: