My Office in the Sky

Time to fly out again for new missions. I spend a lot of time in airplanes and airports. And too much time in hotels, around the world. Last year I travelled almost 280 days. Why? The is a job to be done, the world is out there. We need to secure the movement of goods and people. Make it easy to trade and to travel. 

Today we know that trade is the key to development. Trade is what creates growth and wealth of our societies. 

When people travel we get to know each other better, our economies intervene and it becomes impossible to fight. Paertnerships and cooperation instead of wars. 

At the same time terrorists, criminal networks and organized crime know the same thing. So they attack us where it hurts the most. They attack our open societies, our democracies, our willingness to travel. They attack our trading systems and our freedoms. We can’t let them win. Never. Ever. 

I genunely believe that we can create and develop systems that can protoct our freedoms, our lifestyles and our global freiendship. In fact we have already done that. Now we need to make it work. That is the main reason why I travel, why I spend all this time aeay from home. 

I believe that I can contribute to make this place a better place. I will live and die trying.

So I spend hours and days in my office. The office in the sky. Going all around the world on my mission for Customs and Trade. And I will continue to do so. See you in Dhaka, Manilla, Maputo or Lima. I love all of thise places. They are the reality telling me that we are right and the other side is wrong. We have the solutions to make this world better, let’s make it work.