I am humble and happy to see this weblog continue growing month from month.

In February I had 19.235 visitors to the blog! This is an amazing result for a blog about Customs, borders, capacity building, trade, security, trade facilitation, Brexit, music, film, sportd and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

First month above 19.000!

I want to thank all of you for reading and engaging in these issues.

The borders are open for goods transports! We are there to help. Update regarding the Coronavirus/Covid-19 situation

At KGH our top priorities are always our KGH team members and visitor’s health and safety followed by the service delivery to our customers.

There are many rumours and countries are closing their borders for people movements. At KGH we will do our outmost and take our responsibility to ensure continued timely Customs clearance of all the critical imports and exports, including medicals, medical equipment and groceries. In times of crises we need to work together.

We are minute by minute monitoring the situation in connection with the outbreak of the Coronavirus in all the countries where we have staff and operations. We are following the recommendations from both local authorities and WHO, and have established internal guidelines and procedures to safeguard the health and business continuity for our customers. To be as robust as possible we are preparing for cross-border virtual cooperation using and sharing the capacity of the whole KGH organization as well as prepare for remote work to create smaller teams with a lower risk for infection.

As you have noticed more and more countries are restricting travelling and some are more or less closing their borders. The information at present is that goods flow will continue since functioning supply-chains are key to keep the society going through trucks passing the land borders, goods entering the ports and airports. However, due to the enforced border controls, there may be ques and slower border crossings and clearances than usual. At KGH we will do our utmost and take our responsibility to ensure continued timely Customs clearance of all the critical imports and exports. We will also keep our customers updated if there are any changes in the situation at the borders.

The KGH staff have shown that they really step up during uneasy times and we are fully committed to take care of each other and support our customers through this difficult situation.

The borders are open for goods transports!

McKinsey has published a report with their our analysis of the #coronavirus outbreak, displaying that two likely economic scenarios might unfold: a quick recovery or a global slowdown.

Learn more about the business implications associated with COVID-19 in our guide, updated March 9: https://mck.co/2U5Fjox

Source: McK