Today and tomorrow the Universal Postal Inion {UPU) arranged the 2nd round-table meeting on the Consultative Committee of UPU on the Postal Prosperity Zones, in Rabat, Morocco.

The conference was co-organized with Morocco Customs and Excise and Morocco Post. It was hosted and held at the Headquarters of Customs and Excise Administration,

Other particioants included World Customs Organization, World Freezone Orrganization, TangierMed freeport and a range of representatives from the private sector and the UPU Consultative Committee.

We heard excellent speeches and interventions from UPU Deputy Secretary General Markan Osvald, WCO Deputy Secretary General Ricardo Treviño Chapa, World FZO CEO Dr. Samir Hamrouni, Director General of Morocco Customs Amrani Abdellatif and the Director General of Morocco Post Amin Benjelloun.

The Postal Prosperity Zone (PPZ) is one if UPUs flagship initiatives and the project is now moving into an operational pilot phase. We have helped UPU to design the PPZ model.

It was a great and ver productive meeting with a lot of agreement on the way forward.

It was great to meet a number of old friends and colleagues, especially the Deputy Secretary General of UPU, Marjan Osvald.

In Rabat for a client meeting. Processes to change, problems to solve, things to fix.

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The 3rd WCO Global Origin Conference marked a significant milestone in aligning diverse viewpoints on Rules of Origin. The insights garnered are poised to influence future international trade policies, striving for a trading environment defined by trust, efficiency, and sustainability. The conference underscored the imperative of fostering trust among Customs, businesses, and governmental entities to uphold the integrity of global trade processes.

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