Today we did a 39K hile with our dogs in Sothern Sweden.

It was a great hike by the sea and through forrests.

Summer is finally here and we had blue skies all day.

This is ny landscape, where I grew up as a child.

6,5 hours later we arrived to Flädie Food & Winery.

At the end station, thirsty.

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has audited the European Union Authorized Economic Operator programme (AEO),

In the executive summary of the audit report, that was published this week, the auditors write;

’The EU has a programme in place to simplify customs procedures for reliable traders, to facilitate legitimate trade between the EU and its global partners and to ensure international supply chain security – the Authorised Economic Operators programme. We examined whether the Commission provided a sound regulatory and monitoring framework and whether the Member States implemented the programme properly.

Our overall conclusion is that the AEO programme facilitates legitimate trade, enhances supply-chain security and the protection of the EU financial interest, but the management, regulatory framework and the implementation, including AEO benefits, require changes and improvements. We recommend the Commission to improve the regulatory framework, to better measure the programme’s performance and to enhance the monitoring of its implementation’

You can read the report here: European Court of Auditors: AEO

Global Trade 2.0 is here. I am a board member of several international think-tanks & research networks. We see clearly a new global trade paradigm evolving.

Today I was asked for a definition of Global Trade 2.0, so now I am working on it, defining the new global integrated network of connected supply chain players in an ecosystem of trust. What a great & fun job to define the next generation of international trade based on global trends & innovation.