EUs answer to UK negotiator David Frosts letter regarding the UK-EU Future Relations negotiations.

Barnier: ”I remain convinced that with mutual respect and constructive engagement by the UK across the board, on all issues of the negotiating table, we can move forward in the limited available time”.

You can read the letter here: Reply from Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator, to David Frost, UK Chief Negotiator, 20 May 2020

Today, a few minutes ago, Minister Michael Gove in the House of Commons presented a paper setting out the UK’s approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Minister Gove outlined in his presentation – and answers to MPs – a clear approach to the implementation of the NI protocol.

The model in the paper presented is fully in line woth my professional view and what I have argued in public to House of Common Committees and in written consultation.

The paper presented today sets out how the UK will implement the Northern Ireland Protocol while upholding Northern Ireland’s place in the UK and respecting the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.

You can read the document here: The UK’s Approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol

Today UK Government presented an updated policy paper on the UK Governments aporoach to Future Relationsship with the EU. In addition 12 PDF files with proposed legal text was also published.

The documents set out the UK approach to the future relationship with the European Union.

“The Future Relationship with the EU” document lays out a suite of proposals for our negotiations with the EU. The draft legal texts are the legal articulation of this approach and have formed the basis of discussions with the EU.

Finally a letter from David Frost to Michel Barnier was presented.

To read the paper, click here: Policy Paper; Our aporoach to Future Relationship with the EU

Source: GOV.UK