UK and Welsh governments have reached a deal for two freeports in Wales.

This is a very good decision for international trade, for Wales, UK, the landbridge between EU-UK-Ireland-Norther Ireland.

Anglesey has secured freeport status in a move backers say will create thousands of jobs. In May 2022, the Welsh Government reached an agreement with the UK Government to estblish a freeport programme in Wales after a long stand-off over the levels of funding.

The island freeport around Holyhead was up against the Celtic Freeport in Milford Haven and Port Talbot and a multi-site freeport in south east Wales that included Cardiff Airport. Tonight it was confirmed that Anglesey and the Celtic Freeport had both been successful.

Source: DailyPost

  • The UK and Welsh governments jointly confirm that Anglesey Freeport and Celtic Freeport have been successful in their bids to establish new Freeports
  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces successful sites on joint visit with the First Minister – delivering on commitments to grow the economy and level up
  • Backed by up to £26 million each in UK Government funding, the two Freeports will help to level up Wales and bring new, high-skilled jobs
  • New sites expected to bring forward an estimated £5 billion of private and public investment and create around 20,000 new, high-skilled jobs

Source: GOV.UK

Yesterday Bruce Springsteen recieved the American National Medal of Arts from the hand of President Joe Biden, for his outstanding contributions to the American songbook, and….

….for ’being The Boss’. You can see the short ceremony here below. President Biden greeted Springsteen with the words, “Some people are just born to run, man” (for public office).

The National Medals of Arts is the highest honor from the United States government for advancing the country’s arts and it include actors, comedians and singers.