Day two of our Maersk Global Solutions Summit in Istanbul has started. Today – like every day – we have our customers in focus.

Always striving to become better. Learning is life, life is learning.

Yesterday evening we took a traditional boatride on the Bosphorus, beautiful as always.

Great way to talk with some new people on the team.

I like these team events when we get achance to shape the future.

We are on the way in so many ways.

We also had a super Turkish traditional dinner by the water. Excellent food.

I am looking forward to the next two days.

Today & this week we are taking new important steps for the Managed by Maersk element of the Maersk Integrator Strategy – at the Global Solutions Summit in Istanbul.

Supercool & innovative work on how to improve value & accelerate delivery for our customers. End-to-end, All The Way. Thank you Rico van Leuken & team for arranging this.