Yesterday we were invited and went to a rock concert with local heores True Lies, a great rock band that is popular way beyond Swedish borders.

It was their first live concert since January , due to the Covid-19|Corona outbreak. True Lies played their own songs in a restaurant/bar in Löderup by the coast.

This is a really good band that I recommend everybody to check-out. They play own composed rock-pop songs in 70/80-style, a bit of Stones, a lot of guitar riffs, great singing. I love it. Amazing songs, good muscians.

It was a fantastic evening. I know two of the guys in the band, Erik Fagerberg who plays bass guitar in the band is a childhold friend of mine. The singer and leader Per Olin is a FB friend I met already in Malmö when I moved from home to the city in the 80s.

All C19 rules where naturally respected with social distancing and maximum 50 people in the concert room.

Here are a few videoclips from the concert, great stuff:

This was a beautiful evening, it gave hope again after a terrible year. There is a new normal after Covid-19. True Lies gave energy, joy and good music to all of us that where there.

Check out True Lies on their FB website: True Lies.

The House of Lords has written to MichaelGove to highlight the importance of looking beyond tariffs in the UK-EU trade negotiations.

The existing Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme will not be an adequate facilitation and a new trusted trader scheme should be devised urgently, so that it has the potential to play a significant role in facilitating future UK-EU trade.

The new scheme must be accessible to a significant number of businesses, offering different status tiers, including one that is easy to obtain for SMEs.

You can read all recommendations, here: Non-tariff barriers require urgent consideration in the UK-EU negotiations

The EU-Vietnam agreement comes into force today. Vietnam is now part of 77 countries trading with the EU under bilaterally agreed preferential conditions. These trade agreements offer EU companies a chance to access new emerging markets and create jobs for Europeans.

The EU-Vietnam agreement strengthens EU economic links with the dynamic region of South-East Asia and has economic potential that will contribute to the recovery after the coronavirus crisis.

It also shows how trade policy can be a force for good. Vietnam has already made a lot of effort to improve its labour rights record thanks to our trade talks and will continue its most needed reforms.

Read more this deal that will ultimately scrap duties on 99% of all goods traded between the two sides