Keanu Reeves is on his way back to the legendary role of Neo in the sequel to the at least iconic “Matrix” trilogy.

Many are of course curious about what the fourth film in the series will be about, and during a visit to the BBC program “The One Show” Reeves took the opportunity to pay tribute to screenwriter and director Lana Wachowski’s script which he described as an inspiring love story with both action and entertainment.

“I’m lucky to be working on a new Matrix movie. We’re here in Berlin trying to create magic. It’s a new variant of a kind of call to wake up, you could say,” Reeves said.

The new film will be out in 2022. I can’t wait.

I participated as speaker in a Live Webinar Panel on ’Customs and Borders Management Under Shrinking Supply Chains’ at World Free Zones Organizations ’New World Model – The Future of Industry’ high level online event.

There were more than 3100 participants from 152 countries listening in to the online event of the year.

In the panel we talked about

Armand Mondo Duplantis! Tonight the track and field athletic world saw a new amazing world rwcord

The 20 year old Swedish Pole Jump supertalent beat Sergei Bubkas 27 year old outdoor world record. The new world record is 6.15.

Mondo already holds the indoor world record, 6.18.