In choosing the most cost-effective option to distribute goods, supply chain managers all over the world have four transport options to choose from: ocean-going vessel, plane, train, or truck. But for European distribution there is also another efficient option available, shortsea shipping.

Most SSS vessels carry goods within the European Union’s (EU) internal market, in other words “Union goods” that have been manufactured in the EU or are in free circulation within the Union. These goods can be transferred within the EU without any Customs formalities[2].

Most of these vessels are built to carry containers, and their routes are connected to global deep sea trading links. As a result, containers arriving from Asia or the United States at one of the main European container ports might be loaded onto SSS vessels to be delivered to close by destinations and smaller ports.

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Ditchley Annual Lecture 2020 by the UK Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,Michael Gove, ’The Privilege of Public Service’.

A speech I personally enjoyed and liked as a former civil servant for 28 years.

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Talks over deal enter intensive phase as chief negotiator David Frost arrives in Brussels.

Britain can agree to the “broad outline of a political agreement” with the European Union over the terms of Brexit this summer, Boris Johnson’s negotiating team will tell their Brussels counterparts on Sunday.

David Frost, the Prime Minister’s chief Brexit negotiator, is arriving in Brussels with a small team of 20 UK negotiators as talks over a deal enter an intensive phase.

Mr Frost said: “Negotiations over the next few weeks won’t be easy. There are still fundamental differences between our positions, and a new process in itself isn’t enough to breach the gap.

“It will require dedication, willing and understanding from both sides. We will work intensively and at pace, as we firmly believe it is possible to reach a broad outline of an agreement in good time.

“But any deal must reflect our well-established position on difficult issues such as the so-called ‘level playing field’ and fisheries – that is, as an independent country we will have control over our laws and our waters. Our sovereignty will never be up for negotiation.”

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Source: TheTelegraph