The new episode of TradeSplaining (33), the #1 podcadt on trade, supplychains, borders & customs is out. And I am back!

Episode 33 features the latest on the Big Tech front, what the future holds for ESG, China’s exports and more.

TS producer Michelle Olguin Fluckliger also gives her thoughts on the vibe shift happening right under Boomers and Gen X’s noses (Thankfully millenials are safe once again).

””Lars Karlsson – Global Head of Trade & Customs consulting at A.P. Moller – Maersk also joins Robert Skidmore and I once again to talk about yet more changes supply chains, what we should expect… and his favorite Vikings tv show”.

You find the podcast here:

I have been a few days in Geneva to meet with institutions and customers.

It is always great to be back in city I have visited and worked in a lot the last decades.

While geeting some rain on the first day the beautiful Geneva showed her best yesterday and today.

Good meetings. I will be back – soon. Then I will also see my many friends here.

  • Each year, Gartner researches the supply chains of hundreds of companies and scores them using a mix of qualitative (financials, ESG) and quantitative (community opinion) data.
  • This year, Cisco retains the top slot. Schneider Electric, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo round out the top five.
  • The top performers offer valuable lessons in supply chain excellence, including the value of developing self-stabilizing supply chains and creating supply chain ecosystems.

Supply chain, once known as a “steady hands on the wheel, below deck and out of sight” function, is now front and center, helping to steer the broader business in the face of sustainabilty expectations, escalating customer requirements and a perpetually disrupted environment. In our research, we find that today’s differentiated supply chains deliver on their organization’s purpose by:

  • Embracing expanded responsibilities across an ever broadening ecosystem
  • Enabling leaders to stabilize more quickly after external shocks
  • Providing visibility and transparency into sustainability performance
  • Prioritizing digital literacy and dexterity

Gartner Supply Chain Top 25, organizations are combating are delivering on sustainability objectives, continuing along a digital transformation journey and working through myriad supply chain challenges. Innovative and strategic actions are vital. Our ranking highlights companies that are taking these actions and showcasing other differentiating capabilities.

To read more: Gartner SC Top 25

Source: Gartner