One of the most important thing in leadership to succeed is to build teams, especially the closest one around you. i have always spent considerable amoubt of my available time on this task as leader and manager.

Last week we had our monthly management team meeting. We had a great meeting, evn though we missed a few colleagues. I really like these colleagues. .

The best way to lead and to develop high efficient management teams, in my experience, is to be a visionary and inspiring leader – showing the way forward, in combination with giving clear mandates, delegation and trust. Only if people feel that you give them trust and support will they become commited to the overall missions and goals. This is when a team becomes more than its individual people and components.

I have been fortunate all my career to have fantastic talents and charachters in my management teams.

Last year, 2020, Swedish customs closed down 30 criminal networks. That is to compare with 2019 when the number was 17.

This is a great success in the work against organized crime.

These gangs are grossly criminal and well-organized networks that cause great harm to our society. It is therefore satisfying that the work against this type of crime has yielded results, says Per Westberg, head of the customs criminal department at Swedish Customs. Of the 30 closed down syndicates, 26 of them were engaged in drug smuggling combined with other serious crime.

Two of the networks were involved in alcohol smuggling and two in tobacco smuggling.

In addition to the criminal networks that can be defined as takennout, Swedish Customs were able to identify 57 new sobs last year. Of these, 49 are involved in drug smuggling and eight in alcohol and tobacco smuggling.

A criminal network is counted as ’closed down’in the KPIs and target goals when half of the network’s identified members have been sentenced to prison,

I congratulate my former colleagues in Swedish Customs to this tremendous result.

RUSI, the Royal United Services Institute
for Defence and Security Studies has published a strategic vision on how to handle the emerging fast developing area of cyber crime.

To read the report, click here : The UK response to Cyber Fraud