A landmark day for AEO in the world moving the instrument to a new level when eleven (11) countries the LAM region today at international AEO conference in São Paulo signed an AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement. The region is leading the world on AEO.

’A new era in world trade & public private partnerships’!”, Phillippe Isler, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, that has supported the process. Congratulations to Argentina, Bolívia, Brazil, Colômbia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, República Dominicana and Uruguay.

A unique moment.

One of my best friends in the world of customs, Enrique Canon.

I have known Enrique for a long time.

The VIII international conference on AEO in São Paulo, Brazil with Government agencies & private sector from all of South America – organized by Procomex & Receita Federal. This year about AEO & eCommerce.

And naturally a selfie from the stage after our panel.

Great to be back in SP, Brazil & Latin America – to see so many partners, customers, colleagues & friends. Here with Ronnie Pimentel from CNI.

What a pleasure to meet my old colleagues and friends from Receita Federal, Jackson Aluir Corbari and Elaine Costa.

Great talk with Marilú Llerena, National Superintendent of Customs, SUNAT Peru ,

With two of the best of friends, John Mein Pand Enrique Canon.