Today I met my colleague & friend Chris Southworth, Secretary General at ICC United KIngdom, at Maersk HQ in Copenhagen.

We had an exciting, inspiring & productive talk about the future of international trade, the next steps to create a global ecosystem of trust & how to pilot new digtal trade corridors.

Chris is a trade facilitation champion & pioneering leader for trade digitalization.

Speaking about ’Global Trade 2.0 and how to prepare for it from a Customs perspective: My five top customs tips’ at the Odette International 22nd Odette 2023: Still Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains conference in Berlin today.

Great event with many timely & super-interesting speeches.

I have also had a number of productive bilateral sidemeetings with automotive customers here.

It is always exciting to meet our customers from the automotive industry since there is standardization, digitalization and supply chain knowledge in the industry. A good match with our Maersk Integrator Strategy.

I am back in berlin a few days for work. I will be soeaking on Odette 2023 tomorrow and meetings customers.

This afternoon I was walking the streets of Berlin. As always. It is a wonderful city. 14k in total. Good city hike.

I am looking up the new StreetArt since the last time I was here.

The evening will also include the best Wienerschnitzel on the planet. I know where it is served. It is not in Vienna…