Saint Lucia

Today Sweden and some of the Other Scandinavian countries celebrates Lucia.

Lucia is a festival celebrated on December 13, as well as the name of the main character.

In Sweden, Lucia, together with the advent, marks the beginning of the Christmas celebration.

The Swedish Lucia is a mixture of both pre-Christian and Christian figures and this tradition has spread to other Nordic countries, and to some extent also outside the Nordic countries.

Lucia is a historical person who was born in Syracuse in Sicily in the 280s. It is also historically proven that she became a martyr for her faith. In the Catholic tradition, she is the patron saint of the blind.

The legends about Lucia are many and the details are probably more or less true. She was born into a wealthy family and it is said that, as a child, she decided to never marry and give everything she owned to the poor.

Lucia comes with light and hope when it is the darkest period of the year up North.

All schools and workplaces have their Lucia. The Lucia and her followers sing specific songs and serves specific food, typical for the event.