One of the consultants from my KGH Nordic team, Lovisa Lindh, is also a world class 800 meters runner. This weekend Lovisa has been awarded the honor to be captain of the Swedish Atletics National Team in the Sweden-Finland game, a track and field game that has been held between the two countries since, Read More

ThecTelegraphvthis mornkng writes that the UK PM Boris Johnson will turbocharge work on a new border plan based on the Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements Commission Report we (the technical panel) did & presented in July. Here is a link to the article: Boris Johnson demands fresh Irish border plan as he seeks ‘turbocharge’ search, Read More

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will again reenter “The Matrix,” starring in a third sequel to the 1999 science fiction film that’s expected to begin production next year. The stars will be reunited with one of the original writer-directors, Lana Wachowski, who worked on the original movies with her sister, Lilly. The Matrix featured, Read More

The exchange of letters between Boris Johnson and Donald Tusk doesn’t offer a lot of encouragement for the great majority of us who do want to see a Brexit deal done between London and Brussels. Tusk’s response in particular, came across as rather intransigent, even absurdly claiming that the Prime Minister is seeking a, Read More

During a meeting with PM Boris Johnson in Berlin today, Angela Merkel said that: ”…a solution to the Irish border “conundrum” could be found in the “next 30 days”. PM Johnson outlined “alternative arrangements” such as trusted trader schemes or electronic pre-clearing for goods crossing the Irish border” You can read the article here:, Read More

Up to 10 so-called free ports will be established in the UK after Brexit under new plans unveiled by the government. My personal view is that this could be an important part of a new UK Trade Policy. The Freeport/Freezone instrument has developed enormously during the last decade. It is today a driver of, Read More

The government has said it will start automatically enrolling UK firms in a customs system as it speeds up its preparations for a no-deal Brexit. The move will enable UK firms to continue to trade with EU member states after the UK leaves the EU. Business trade groups had urged the government to act, Read More

A review from Swedish Customs states that the majority of the largest import companies in Sweden have declared their imports with incorrect values. To reduce risks and costs – team up with an experienced trade and customs management partner. Customs is a complex field, and to reduce the risks of unnecessary costs, in addition, Read More

Boris Johnson begins his Breixt renegotiation with a letter to Donald Tusk. In short, the backstop must go, completely. Here is the letter:

Boris Johnson will head to Berlin and Paris this week in a bid to secure a new Brexit deal, as Number 10 sought to play down a secret Whitehall no-deal dossier. During trips to Germany and France, he will tell the leaders “there must be a new deal to replace the failed Brussels deal”, Read More

The Government of Gibraltar has today issued a statement about No-Deal Brexit preparations since The Sun published an article saying differently. Here is the statement: “The Sunday Times Yellow Hammer Report is out of date and wrong on Gibraltar. Read our full statement here: I can personally verify that the Government of Gibraltar, Read More

The influence of individual countries on world trade in one picture. Trade is the driver of development, prosperity and growth.


With two new goals Zlatan Ibrahimovic saved a draw (2-2) for LA Galaxy against Seattle Sounders in the MLS this morning. Galaxy was after five minutes forced to play the rest of the match with ten men. Zlatan has scored 20 goals in 21 games this season.

The UK Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, has now signed the formal order repealing the 1972 European Communities Act on October 31, Sunday Telegraph reveals. You can read the article here: Sunday Telegraph: Downing Street slams ‘dishonest’ Tory rebels, as Boris Johnson triggers EU exit Source: Sinday Telegraph

NASA revealed earlier this week that two of its astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station will make history later this month. Anne McClain and Christina Koch will conduct a spacewalk outside the station on March 29th, something that’s not uncommon on its own, but this will be the first with the entire team, Read More

Progress towards achieving the United nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) is being thwarted by illicit trade in some of the world’s most important economic sectors, according to a new report from the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (Tracit). The study reveals that global illicit trade is proving to be a significant deterrence and, Read More

Interesting statistics from European Commission from a survey about how the people feel about the Union. I note that mynown country Sweden, that used to be one of the more negative, is on 9th position woth 83%.

Absolutely critical information on what UK exporters of plant and animal products to the EU will have to do (and have) to get their goods across the border on Brexit day and beyond.

This morning LA Galaxy beat Dallas 2-0 in Major League Soccer (MLS). Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both goals for Galaxy. The second goal on a penalty kick. Ibra has now scored 18 goals this season in 20 games so far.