MEPs approved the new law to strengthen the European Border and Coast Guard, on Wednesday, to ensure better protection of EU external borders. The changes to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), already agreed with EU ministers, aim to resolve the current shortcomings and better respond to the present needs in security, Read More

Time magazine has released its annual list of the world’s most influential people. Under the category of leaders – next to people like Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Benjamin Netanyahu – Swedish student and environment activist Greta Thunberg is found. Small, shy, survivor of crippling depression, Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl skipping school, Read More

Astronaut Jessica Meir is now set to fly to the International Space Station for the first time in September, and Christina Koch, who is currently in space, has her stay onboard extended to an expected record-setting flight of 328 days. Meir’s September launch to the station will mark her first spaceflight. The Caribou, Maine,, Read More

I am spending a few days this week in our Paradise, Boulouris-sur-mer by Saint Raphael in Provence, South of France. Reloading the batteries and writing a few chapters on my new book. I also take some time, especially mornings and evenings, to read a few novels that I have saved up over the last, Read More

Don’t miss my article, ‘Border Management: The importance of Trusted Trader Programmes for efficient border manag’ in the new issue of Border Management Today. You can read the article here (page 22): Border Management Today, Issue 2, April 2019

The International Border Management and Technologies Association (IBMATA) is a not for profit international non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to the safe and secure movement of people and goods across international borders. IBMATA, where I serve as Chair of the International Advisory Board, publishes the leading magazine of this topic, namely Border Management Today. Here, Read More

I was once in a meeting where the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said ‘Corruption is the enemy of poor’. I have always remembered those words. Kofi Annan is certainly one of the most impressive leaders I have ever meet. But these words always stuck with me and has had a great impact, Read More

ITC boss Arancha Gonzalez, who I hold as one of the strongest voice for fair trade on the global scene, recently spoke at an event at Georgetown Law she articulated what is needed going forward. She said that to make trade matter for everyone we need: To oppose trade protectionism; To support multilateral cooperation, Read More

The Guardian has asked five UK-based correspondents from European newspapers reveal their hectic lives and their readers’ views on Britain since the referendum. Interesting observations. One of the reporters, Antonello Guerrera, La Repubblica writes: ‘European readers are becoming rather fond of the glorious House of Commons and of the British parliament’s theatricality, the British, Read More

This morning Los Angeles Galaxy won 2-0 towards Philadelphia Union in Major Soccer League (MSL). Zlatan Inrahimovic score both goals in the game. Ibrahimovic has now scored six goals in four games this season. The start of the LA Galaxy this season is the best since 2010. This night’s victory was Galaxy’s fourth straight, Read More

After the EU granted a Brexit extension until 31 October, or sooner if Theresa May can get a deal through the Commons before then, the Guardian have had a look at the prime minister’s options. 1. Strike a pact with Jeremy Corbyn Labour says the government is engaging seriously in the negotiations, which were, Read More

Former DG of WTO Pascal Lamy, explains exactly why a Customs Union is not solving all of UKs challenges post-Brexit. A thing I have argued the last two years. A Customs Union is about tariffs, it will not remove non-tariff barriers. Lamy writes: “Labour’s proposal may not be as simple as it seems: a, Read More

KGH Brexit Service Hub brings all KGH’s Brexit services and specialist knowledge in EU/UK trade together in one place. Companies get easy access to a range of services, insights and tools tailored to help them minimize the impact on the flow of goods, keep costs to a minimum, and ensure compliance while exploring the, Read More

When John wrote “Imagine” he had a vision of a world in peace. When I created my interpretation of the tied revolver symbol I thought back to “Imagine” and the text line “living as one” because both John and I were and are dedicated to the idea that world peace is a realistic goal., Read More

One of the most important development questions for the future is to increase intra-continental trade. A united African continent working towards common goals would be a major force on the global economic stage. To this end, nations in the region have been working towards an ambitious plan to create the world’s largest trade area., Read More

We have a new date – or really several new potential dates for Brexit where 31 October is the deadline. During an historic six hour EU summit in Brussels, the 27 EU leaders discussed the length and terms of a so-called “flextension” – a flexible delay of arricle 50 – which will come to, Read More

Spending a few days in Brussels for Brexit and meeting clients. Extremely exiting time in the Capital of Europe. The air vibrating with expectations and uncertainty. This is the moment. Will we soon know?

Earlier today UK PM Theresa May met with Angela Merkel in Berlin to pave the way for a second delay of article 50 in frint of the extra EU Council Top Meeting Summit tomorrow. Last week Theresa May sent a letter woth a request of a delay to 30 June and she now needs, Read More

Today PM Theresa May heads to Berlin and Paris to sell her request for an article 50 Brexit delay to 30 June 2019. The two meetings are extremely important preparations ahead of the crunch extra summit of EU leaders on Wednesday. Risking a possible renewed leadership challenge from furious Brexit-supporting backbenchers, the prime minister, Read More

KGH is pleased to announce that its flagship online program, the European Customs Law Accredited Training program – ECLAT – is now recognised as meeting the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) criteria of the Union Customs Code. KGH Trade and Customs Academy Director, Professor David Widdowson, said he was extremely pleased that this comprehensive course, Read More