Three-and-a-half years after Britons backed Brexit, the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill is set to get royal assent and become law. Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill has cleared its final parliamentary hurdle, enabling Britain to leave the EU at the end of this month. Three-and-a-half years after Britons backed Brexit in the 2016 referendum, the prime, Read More

Yesterday and today I have been on management team meeting in the Gothernjurg archepelago. We have discussed the planning for 2020, which will be an exiting year for our company. We are now 850 Customs and Border experts working from offices in 13 countries. We are a fast growing company and it is always, Read More

38 years old, and still one of the fastest. According to Calciomercato, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s top 32.4 kilometer record makes him the Serie A’s fastest striker this season. Since Zlatan Ibrahimovic came to Milan, the Serie A team has not lost with the Swedish striker on the pitch. Today AC Milan took its third win, Read More

Back in the most beautiful capital city in the worlds, Stockholm. I had a lot of good meetings here today. It is always a pleasure to be back in a ciry I worked in eleven years, some years ago.

Johan Cruyff is one of the best football players the world has ever seen. He was also an outstanding coach. Cruyff desgoned the total foorball concept, first in Ajax and then in Barcelona – including the legendary yputh acedemy, La Masia. As a coach he also managed one of the best goal scorers ever, Read More

They say an army marches on its stomach. The European Union does it with slides. The EU negotiating team is gearing up for talks with the UK about the post-Brexit relationship by holding a series of seminars for diplomats from the 27 member states. The presentations are being published online. Stuffed with jargon and, Read More

In its annual report US News & World, together with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania presents which counties are the best to have children in. Last year Sweden ended up in first place, but this year we lost one place is content now the second best country inbthe world for families., Read More

The 92nd Oscars Academy Award Gala 2020 does not have a clear favorite. It has four. Todd Phillips clown thriller “Joker” leads the league with 11 full Oscar nominations. 10 nominations each went to Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”, Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and Sam Mendes war movie “1917”. The nominations, Read More

Bruce Springsteen presented Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino with the National Board of Review’s Icon Award for their work on The Irishman. Here are his comments from the event: “I once read Marty said that it’s the job of the artist to make the audience care about his obsessions. If that, Read More

Barriers installed on a motorway in preparation for traffic caused by a no-deal Brexit will be removed next week. One side of the M20 in Kent was to be used only by HGVs heading to cross-Channel ports, with all other traffic restricted to a contraflow system on the opposite carriageway. The system – called, Read More

Australian researchers claim they have developed a battery that can keep a smartphone charged for five days or power an electric car for 1,000 kilometers (over 600 miles). If the technology comes to be used widely, it would represent a significant breakthrough in the hunt for greener, more efficient energy. The team from Monash, Read More

The Men’s EHF Euro 2020 handball championship in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland has started. I love handball, it is my sport. I played semiprofessional many years ago and I have always loved this fast, tough and crazy indoors Olympic sport. There are many favourites in this tournament, Denmark, Spain, Norway, France. sweden and Cristis, Read More

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his first goal on his first start back for AC Milan to give the team a 2-0 lead against Cagliari on Saturday afternoon. The Swedish striker returned to Italy after leaving LA Galaxy at the end of the MLS season. Against Sampdoria last Monday he came off the bench but couldn’t, Read More

Sweden has been named the country with the best reputation in the world for the second year in a row. That’s what Forbes writes. It is the Reputation Institute that carries out the report of countries in the world with the best reputation. The study is called Country RepTrak and is based on interviews, Read More

Brexit is on the way. PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal one step closer as it clears House of Commons hurdle with a majority of 99 votes. A historic day. It is 1294 days since the Brexit referendum took place. Today Brexit moved forward. Now it is for real. The Commons voted 330 to 231, Read More

UK PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit legislation is poised to clear its House of Commons hurdles today after months of knife-edge votes and parliamentary turmoil. Armed with an 80-strong majority, Mr Johnson decided to fast-track the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) through its remaining stages in the Commons in just three days, where it has faced little, Read More

World Customs Organizstion has announced that the International Customs Day (ICD) on 26 January 2020 this year will be dedicated to the contribution of Customs towards a sustainable future where social, economic, health and environmental needs are at the heart of our actions, with the slogan “Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity and the, Read More

This week the United Kingdom and the European Union are meeting in London to re-start the talks and the negotiations about post-Brexit future relations. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is meeting Ursula von der Leyen in Downing Street in their first face-to-face talks since she succeeded Jean-Claude Juncker. The EU main negotiator Michel, Read More

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heading for a showdown with the new president of the European Commission in a clash over post-Brexit trade. The prime minister is meeting Ursula von der Leyen in Downing Street in their first face-to-face talks since she succeeded Jean-Claude Juncker. And Mr Johnson will tell the new, Read More

As The Clash said, London Calling. New times, new battles, new challenges. The Brexit saga moves a new phase starting today when the EU and UK meets in London. On 31 January the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. During a transition period of 11 months a lot things need to happen. There are, Read More