The World Handball Championship for Men 2019 is played in Denmark and Germany right now.

Handball is my old sport which I played on a high, semiprofessional level as young. It is also my favourite sport. A tough game.

After the group games there are twelve teams left invtwo pools. Group A: France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Brasil and Iceland. Group B: Denmarl, Sweden, Norway, Egypt and Tunisia.

The two best teams from each group will play semifinals later this week.

Sweden is together with France the two mist successful countries with four Wirld Cup titles each. Hiwever, France has dominsted the fame the last decade. Also European Champions Spain, Germany, Denmark, Croatia are very good. And Norway has a new young and talented team.

Sweden has won our first six games. Only Denmark has done the same. We are now plsying Norway tomorrow and Denmark on Wednesday. We need to win one of those games to secure our place in the semi-finals.

“There is a chance for Sweden to win the title this year”

We have a very good team this time. For a first time in ten years we are challenging for the title again. We have a young talented team, that became silver medalists in the EuroCup last year – and on top of that three world class players that previously for different resdon didn’t play for the national team are back.

Kim Ekdahl Du Reitz is back in the national team and so is Kim Andersson and Andreas Niksson.

This will be a fun week. We are going for gold.

68 days to Brexit.

If you need support to prepare, contact KGH. Your Customs Expert.

Leaving the UK EU without an agreement, citizens and businesses must pay customs and use other documents and procedures in connection with the deal.

Therefore, the task of the Customs Agency is growing both in relation to guidance on trade with countries outside the EU, but also in relation to the increased control.

Yesterday, Maren Holm Johansen, Director of the Customs Agency, explained to Danish TV 2 News;

“If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, it means that we will increase our third country trade by approx. 15%. It is 15% more work for the Customs Service, and therefore we need more resources – more hands”.

You can find links to concrete guidelines for companies and links to the Brexit theme at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Danish Customs theme web page about Brexit.

From London to Oslo, from one beautiful city to another. Minus five degrees celcius here today. Wonderful winter weather.

Before my meeting I took the opportunity to visit our KGH Oslo Office on The Prince Avenue (Prinsens Gate 1). Always a pleasure to meet with colleagues.

Now on my way back to Gardemoen Airport and a flight to Copenhagen Airport. Then the car back home for a weekend at Casa Karlsson on Millners Street in Skurup.

France has triggered its €50 million no-deal Brexit plan.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says a hard exit looks “less and less unlikely” after British MPs overwhelmingly voted to reject the withdrawal agreement.

Within the next three weeks, authorisation will be given for new infrastructure at ports and airports as well as border control checkpoints.

The European Commission says in a comment that an official is preparing to visit all EU27 states to coordinate plans.

Article from the Telegraph

Today I am back in London for the second time this week. I amnon the Heathrow Express on my way to meetings in the city.

This is day-to-day work right now and it will continue to be for some time. There are so many questions around Brexit connected with our areas of expertise. And I will also try to contribute.