Today we had our Management Team meeting for April and we spent most of the time on discussions about how we can onboard as many as possible of the new clients that are reaching out to us for the moment.

People have in light of Brexit, trade wars and increased protectonism realized that Customs compliance is extremely important.

When looking for solutions clients look for Customs experts, and KGH is a leading company in this field.

The government says “progress needs to be made urgently” on Brexit talks with Labour – but that arranging time with the opposition has been “difficult”.

Senior figures from both sides have been trying to break the deadlock by agreeing a Brexit deal MPs can support.

No 10 said talks had “been difficult in some areas”, including “timetabling”.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the government “really needs to move on” and change its Brexit agreement to solve the impasse.

Source: BBC News

According to Mr Juncker says the risk of no-deal still exists. The UK cannot delay Brexit indefinitely and must stop wasting time, the European commission chief has said.

Jean-Claude Juncker warned Britain that its departure from the EU must happen by the new 31 October deadline.

The UK was meant to leave on 29 March, but it has been delayed twice, first to 21 April and now to 31 October.

“I hope that the British will make use of this time and not waste it again. We cannot keep on putting off the withdrawal date indefinitely,” Mr Juncker said.

“The best solution would be for the British to adopt the withdrawal agreement during the extra time that has been agreed.”

The UK was meant to leave on 29 March, but it has been delayed twice, first to 21 April and now to 31 October, because MPs repeatedly voted down Theresa May’s deal.

The prime minister agreed to delay Brexit earlier this month after EU member states decided to give her an extra six and a half months to get a deal through parliament.

In an interview with German newspaper FUNKE Mediengruppe, Mr Juncker also said that despite a six-month delay, the UK could still leave without a deal.

“Nobody knows how Brexit will end. This is creating great uncertainty. There is still a fear that there will be a hard Brexit without any withdrawal treaty arrangements,” he said.

Under the terms of the extension, if Mrs May finally gets her withdrawal agreement approved by the House of Commons prior to 31 October, the UK could leave the EU earlier than that Halloween deadline.

The prime minister insisted the UK could still avoid having to hold European Parliament elections on 23 May if her withdrawal agreement is finally approved by MPs in the first three weeks of next May.

The government has begun preparations to hold those elections, but will cancel the polls if Brexit is agreed before they are due.

The EU27 agreed, if the UK fails to leave the EU by 23 May but also does not hold European elections, it will leave with no deal on 1 June.

Source: Sky News

In one of his last acts as President of the United States, Barack Obama committed the United States to landing humans on Mars in the late 2030s. NASA has already test-flown its Orion long-range manned spacecraft, so far without a human crew on board.

Its plans call for the first manned missions to orbit Mars and return to earth. Before a manned landing mission is launched, several unmanned missions will deliver materials to allow astronauts to build a base when they arrive.

NASA says the journey to Mars could take up to nine months so it has been running a four-year competition to design a “sustainable shelter” for the astronauts who will explore the planet. It recently announced the three finalists – and the winner is radical to say the least.

New York-based space architects SEArch+ partnered with Californian 3D print construction company ApisCor to come up with a five-storey design that incorporates many home comforts, including four bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room with views out over the Martian landscape.

At the core of the base will be the Hercules reusable spacecraft, a rocket-shaped craft which will carry all the essential equipment for maintaining life. Around this, the designers plan to build the home, which includes laboratory space. Concave walls, which the designers say mimic the structure of a dam, will enable it to withstand pressurisation needed to maintain a breathable atmosphere.

The ground floor laboratories feature ports through which astronauts will be able to board rover vehicles or step out to walk on the surface. In case of emergencies, the home is divided into three zones that can be individually sealed and the design boasts an external escape staircase.

There will also be an internal greenhouse for plants that will provide oxygen and food.

Source: WEF

“There are no limits to imagination. What we learn tomorrow might contradict what we learned today”

40 years ago. I remember it as it was yesterday. The Independent lists the 20 greatest singles of 1979. What a mysic year and what a list;

The Clash: London Calling, Boomtown Rats: I don’t like Mondays, Blondie: Heart of Glass, Chic: Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall II, The Pretenders: Brass on Pocket, Police: Message in a Bottle, Squeeze: Up the Junction – plus Gloria Gayners: I will Survive and Chic: Good Times. It certainly were good times…

You can read the article here: The 20 greatest singles of 1979

Source: The Independent