I have never been a fanatic in cars, but in many ways understand those who are.

There are few feelings better than sittimg on your own in a great car driving the highway all alone at sunrise.

I grew up with Forumla 1 when the racing circus was the biggest sport thing around. Drivers like Jackie Stewart, Janes Hunt, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Ronnie Pettersson, Clay Regazzoni, Nicki Lauda were rock stars.

Then I started to listen to Springsteen and he was the working class hero of my youth. Half of the songs of The Boss are about cars, ‘Drivin all night’ and ‘Racing in the Streets’.

Today I am driving a Volvo X60. It is a great car. But favourite cars I have owned are still a black Audi Quattro A4 and the Mercedes M-class.

What will be the next? I dream about it.