Dubai Media – Sports

When I travel I always read the local newspaper to learn more about the city and country I am in. 

I also find it interesting to see what type of news are covered in national and local media in different coutries, bothvthe domestic news and international news feeds. The politics and development news are normally whst I am looklng for, but also some other topics, Like the sports, one of my favourite parts if any ooer or magazine. The sports pages also tells a story about country you are in, the culture and the interest. 

So what sports are covered is in the Gulf News today? 

Today Gulf News have four pages about the EuroCup 2016, half a page about Copa Americana, some indoors soccer, F1, naturally cricket and as always at least one page of golf. Cricket and golf are big sports here, but like in most countries football/soccer is the dominating sport by far.