Denmark champions, again

Denmark won the IHF Handball World Championship 2023 in Sweden/Poland.

It was the third time in a row that Denmark won the World Cup, this time besting France in the final 34-29. Spain beat Sweden 39-36 to win the bronze medal.

This is the standings in relation to all player world championships:

All-Star-Team, World Cup 2023:

GK: Andreas Wolff (Germany)
R6: Niclas Ekberg (Sweden)
R9: Alex Dujshebaev (Spain)
M9: Nedim Remili (France)
L9: Simon Bogetoft Pytlick (Denmark)
L6: Ángel Fernández Pérez (Spain)
M6: Ludovic Fabregas (France)
Best young player: Juri Knorr (Germany)
MVP: Mathias Gidsel (Denmark)