A unified Maersk brand

At Maersk, we are constantly looking for ways to bring ease, agility, and resilience to your supply chain by expanding our offering and integrating options for you to choose from. We realize that our current brand structure doesn’t reflect the way you, our customer, have your supply chain structured, and the need you have for end-to-end visibility and ability to drive outcomes.

We aim to unify our brands and our structure in a way that better reflect the reality of our customers. We are convinced that this will allow us to better respond to your logistical needs on a daily basis.

We are therefore pleased to share our intention to move towards a singular, unified brand by integrating Maersk brands such as Hamburg Süd and Sealand, among others. Please note that an indepth review will be conducted before we are able to conclude on the future of each brand in different geographies.

We believe that by integrating these into the Maersk brand, we will be able to ease your logistical difficulties, whilst also offering you more variety, ease, and connectivity than ever before, all under one roof.

At the same time, please rest assured that Maersk will continue to adhere and respect all contracts and agreements that are in place including contract confidentiality, so customers can be assured that your information continues to remain safe and secure.

The decision to create a unified brand also include; Senator, KGH – A Maersk Company,, LF Logistics, Pilot, Twill etc.