Time to manage another crises. Also.

We know how to handle crises, we do. We have just been managing a global pandemic and there are credible sources saying that the investments done by states to handle the covid-19 corona pandemic, are hundreds of times higher than the cost lf fulfilling the Paris agreement, the legally binding international treaty on climate change.

The last weeks and months we have seen numbers of nature disasters, strange weather phenomenas and other disasters caused to some extent by global warming snd climate change.

I have a friend that works pn the UN Climate Panel and I have had many discussions with him . He has made me convinced that we need to handle the consequences of the fact that we are speeding up the ordinary climate cycles of our world. We need to look at how we can feed people that will lose their main sources of food and water, how we can move people from areas thst will be under water or where the deserts will expand – and how we can shelter people hit by storms, forrest fires or extreme weather. We need to do it today. Not tomorrow.

So. It is time. time to address the consequences of us, human beings on Earth, and our impact on the environment and nature. Let’s do it now. It will not become easier, later.