I have been two days in London for meetings with clients and potential new clients.

London is the place to be for a Customs and Border expert with Brexit still ahead of us.

The city was as lovely as always also this time, here Carnaby Street.

I had very good meetings today.

Over the last two days we have had two absolutely magnicificant football games.

Liverpool vs, Barcelona and Ajax vs. Tottenham have offered Joga Bonito – the beautiful game, as the say in Brazil – football at its best.

There are no movie films, books, musicals or theatre shows that can compete with this entertainment, a football game at its best. This wee we got two.

I am a member of FC Barcelona and I was madly in love woth this young Ajax team, despite that I wanted these two clubs to win amänd play the Champions League ‘Cruyff-final’, I must admit that these two ganes only had winners and the only thing you can do is to congratulate Liverpool turning 0-3 to 4-3 in 90 minutes and Tottenham to turn 0-3 to 3-3 in 45 minutes. Amazing achievements.

These games are classics, never to be forgotten.

Football at its best is fantastic, beautiful – but also cruel. Loosing like Ajax did last night is something these players will carry with them forever.

For the rest of us, we just are feeling pure hapiness for being invited to the party, the best football in this Universe.

Now we wait for the final.

Today I participated in EuropaForum in Hässleholm.

I was invited to speak in a panel about Brexit.

Europa Forum is a platform dedicated to discussions about Euroepan Union and Europe.

This year approximately 700 people participated in the forum and many discussions were related to eother the upcoming European Parliament elections and Brexit.

In my panel the following people debated: Per Tryding, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Indusyry in Southern Sweden, Anneli Wengelin, National Board of Trade, Kenneth Persson, Swedish Customs and Jasenko Selimovic (L), MEP

Other speakers were; Hans Dahlgren Swedish Minister for European Union Affairs, Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas, Head of EU Commission Representation in Sweden, Magnus Ranstorp Expert on Terrorism and many Swedish MEP:s and European Parliament candidates.

It was a good panel debate and many people from the audience approached afterwards with follow-up questions. Fun day.