How a Customs control tower increases efficiency in todays’ complex supply chain

A customs control tower from KGH provides a comprehensive overview of your customs activities under one digital platform. It allows you to monitor them in real time, analyse your performance and make solid business decisions based on the insights you get.

What is a customs control tower?

Traditionally, customs is associated with declarations and border crossing. But today, the complex supply chain increases the demands on efficient customs handling all the way from departure to the final destination. With world-wide digitalisation, new possibilities arise related to document and data capture and how to keep track of the information flow in supply chains.

A customs control tower system is a one-interface digital solution that gives you a comprehensive overview of your trade and customs activities. You can monitor actions in real time, gather data and follow up on performance.

It helps you reduce operational costs and optimize duties paid while contributing to improved risk management. The control tower system integrates seamless into your supply chain and adds extra insight and overview of your performance.

The benefits you gain

With a customs control tower system integrated in your supply chain, you get stronger compliance through well-defined processes, increased transparency and new possibilities to validate data and practices. You get improved trade performance, thanks to new abilities to follow up on customs performance as the basis for both strategic decisions and continuous improvements. You also get reduced operational costs thanks to improved collaboration and new possibilities to proactively manage potential pains. You will get your products to market faster than ever before!

Typical functions

Typical functions for a customs control tower system is availability to track the data pipeline all the way through the supply chain – from document capture to monthly follow-ups, built in audit trails, track completion of milestones and identify root causes and bottlenecks, possibility to integrate with other systems and invite partners to collaborate. For example, if a supporting document is missing or lacking relevant information the system could give warnings about this.

A customs control tower manages more than customs

The data and insight a customs control tower provides help you with more than customs. The digitalization also adds a business intelligence level, which opens up new possibilities to track and analyze data in hindsight. With graphs and tables, you can spot divergences that helps you to act proactively. The customs control tower can support your sourcing strategy and help you make solid business decisions based upon the customs data.

A strong complement to your current supply chain platform

A logistics control tower is a well-known solution which can track your goods through the supply chain. But if you integrate it with a customs control tower, you will also gain total control of your customs management. The systems are often easy to integrate-so let them work together for maximum effect.

With all the insights, tracking, monitoring and follow up possibilities, a customs control tower is also a perfect complement to your current customs declaration software. The latter can handle your declarations sufficiently, while a customs control tower system ensures a comprehensive overview of the entire customs process.


We also have a specific system solution to manage your AEO status, AEO360 Business. This is a sofware as a service (SaaS) solution which gives you a compliance management system offering management, monitoring and governence of your AEO certificate towards Customs and a transparency mechanism with online dashboards that makes it safer to maintain compliance over time. AEO360 Business is the first tool of this kind in the market.

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