Brexit preparations

Today it is 48 days to Brexit.

Many Governments, including UK Government, have published excellent guidelines and helpful documents in case of a no-deal hard Brexit in seven weeks.

Unfortunately most companies are not prepared for Brexit. In fact after having met and advised hundreds of companies I have still not met a single collany that is fully prepared. There are so many areas and angles that a trader or supply chain/value chain stakeholder need to prepare for. And I am saying this only from a Customs perspective.

So my very strong advise right now is – ask for professional advise as soon as possible. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Even if you have had an internal Brexit project for two years, I would recommend to ask for second opinion, maling sure tou have not forgotten that one thing that makes your business stand still. If there is a deal, you will need the results of these exercises anyway at a later stage.

Finally another piece of advise. It is important for UK/EU companies to remember that goods being shipped before March 29 that arrives at the destination after the Brexit date, must have the correct customs documents (in both directions).

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