Swedish people are famous for always talking about the weather. We are obsessed with weather. Maybe because we live where we live, close to and above the polar circle.

Boiling water freezing when thrown in NYC

I have for many years made the joke to friends I meet, “you got to go and visit Stockholm, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – but you have to go in the summer, and summer is unfortunately a different week every year”. That is a typical Swedish joke.

We often get minus 20C in the winter, when I was working as Head of Debelopment of Swedish Customs we had our IT branch in Luleå above the polar circle where it could be minus 40C in the winter. You get used to it.

We are also due to our weather conditions not so worried about ice, snow and cold as most people in other countries are. I live in the South of the country but I commuted north to Stockholm for eleven years. I always had a look at the weather forecast before leaving, and I never brought a coat or any outerwear (only a jacket) if it wasn’t predicted to be below minus zero.

I bet this guy is Swedish

This year people all around the world are seeing examples of extreme weather. For the moment Inited States have extreme cold. It they say, it is. For us those degrees below zero is a normal winter.

I guess that the weather always has fascinated man. Even more so when we were really dependent on it for survival, but I am sure we will continue to talk about the weather when we meet also in the future.

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