2019 – A New Year: This is what will happen!

We are now two weeks into the new year. From a Customs and Trade perspective – what will be the big megatrends this year? These are in my mind the most important areas 2019:


We are quickly approaching March 29th, 2019, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Brexit is the biggest Customs chabge in our lifetime. It will have enormous impact on how we handle borders not only around UK but everywhere in the world. You will be able to read more about this later on this blog.

We have only scratched the surface of how digitalization will change international trade and our entire industry. The revolution will start in 2019. Every month I will publish reflection on different areas of technology in our business.

ECommerce has for a decade been the elephant in the room. Already last year we saw how some countries, like e.g Sweden started changing the paradigm for eCommerce-postal. This will be one of the fundamental questions tonsolve for the years to come and it starts this year. I will shortly write about the potential solutions for eCommerce, so keep reading the blog.

Last year was a year when protections did a come-back after years in the shadows. We have seen energing trade wars between the major trade blocks and this will continue also in 2019. What can we do about it? Read this blog and you will know.

This will also be the year when a new paradigm for Authorised Economic Operastors-Trusted Traders will become more visual. The change started already 4-5 years ago, now the tsunami will hit. Read about it here.

One thing is certain, it will the most interesting year in Customs and Trade ever. Remember where you read it first.

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