Looking for the solution

While UK Government has agreed on a negotiation position designed by Theresa May and her inner circle team at the Checkers this weekend – and while the White Paper is being finalized for publication, there are still news every day rocking the boat.

Yesterday Brexit Secretary and Negotiator David Davies resgined. With him another Dexco Minister, Steve Baker, also left their positions.

Today leading Brexiteer Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also stepepd down and resigned from his post. All in protest for a too soft Brexit negotiation line. What is next? We will see within the following days. UK Business amd EU Private Sector need clarity on the way forward.

At the same time it is a very complicated situation for the PM and the political institutions in UK.

The EU Negotiator Michael Barnier has – in adition – been firm on the fact that EU is rwady to find a flexible solution for the ROI/NI border but it will not accept any special solution for the Channel cross border trade.

This is indeed a summer where Customs and Borders play the leading role in international news.

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