Is there life on Mars?

For centuries human kind has been asking the impossible philosphic questions about things like; life, space, the future.

Now there is a question like that for the Customs world, or is there? Sometimes when reading media about Brexit I get the feeling that everything is open, the solutions can be everything or anything. We don’t know. Itbis up for negotiations. This is simply not true.

We have had Customs procedures by our borders, regardless of what borders, for more than 2000 years. We know what a border means. Leaving a Customs territory means leaving a Customs territory. And entering another.

We know since many years what processes that need to be handled to organize trade from one area to another. There are international standards for it. It is not rocket science.

However it can be implemented in a modern, smart way – or not.

The sooner we start talking about smart practical solutions, the better.

The real question is; Is it possible to implement and have smart borders around the Gustoms area of United Kingdom?

The answer? Yes, absolutely,

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