The road leads to Dubai

This week I have been back in Dubai for meetings. 

In the past there was a sating that all roads lead to Rome. Well today they will take you to Dubai in the United Arab Emurates (UAE). 

For goods and travellers Dubai and United Arab Emirates has become the center, the leading global hub and the place to pass trough on journeys from somewhere to somewhere else – connceting the world. 

However more and more UAE and Dubai has become a place to visit and to stay in.

This is an amazing place where everything is moving all the time. 

At one time people claimed that half of the worlds’ building cranes were in UAE. They might have been right.

I have worked in UAE for a long time and the last years more and more. Being in Dubai and Abu Dhabi always brings me a feeling of watching the future. As the excellent airline Emirates says in its slogan, “Hello Tomorrow”. 

Flying out from Dubai International this morning I said to myself, I will go back to the future soon again.