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Is it the beginning of a deal we saw yesterday?

PM Boris Johnson met Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) and when they came out, they were both smiling. After a three-hour meeting, Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar both said that they could see a “pathway to a deal”.

Only a show? Reason for optimism? Can a deal be on the way?

EU Commission and the EU Member States have all along referred to Dublin.

If Dublin is happy, we are. If not…

Leo Varadkar said at a press conference that a deal can be done by October 31 after crunch talks with Boris Johnson and he suggested a last-minute breakthrough could be on the horizon. This is certainly a different song.

Laura Kuenssberg, political editor at BBC wrote: “No one’s cracking open the champagne… don’t even pour a pint of warm Guinness,” joked one of the few people familiar with what actually happened on Thursday after talks between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar. Nothing has made the obstacles in the way of reaching an agreement magically disappear. But something has changed today”.

Reports have emerged from Ireland that Mr. Johnson was preparing to give ground on the issue of Northern Ireland staying in a customs union with the EU.

The focus will now shift to Brussels where on Friday Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, will meet Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator.

Sources said Mr Barnier would assess whether enough progress had been made to justify the EU intensifying negotiations ahead of the EU summit next week.

Sources: BBC News, Telegraph

Jeffrey Sachs said at the WTO Public Forum this week that the rules-based trading system has been key for prosperity but now trade rules also need to adapt to contribute to social and environmental goals.

Jeff Sachs has always been a keen advocate for trade driving the devlopment of coubtries and trade inclusiveness leading to poverty reduction.

Time passes on. I started my leadership career as Chairman of the highschool student council during three years in the 80s.

These were the days, some more hair and a few kilos ago. The photo is from 1982.

Some people think that leadership is only a talent, it is not. Like for any other skill, you need to practice. Leadership is in addition to talent about training and learning. Taking responsibility, making decisions, evaluating the outcome and results, learning from the good and the bad experiences.

Life is about learning, learning is life.

Another big Brexit day today when Boris Johnson will meet Irish PM Leo Varadkar to dicuss the UK Government proposal to replace the backstop woth alternative arrangements.

The prime minister will meet his Irish counterpart in Cheshire for what both sides described as a “private meeting”, in order to allow the leaders and their teams to have detailed discussions.

Boris Johnson to meet Irish PM Leo Varadkar in race for Brexit deal

Source: Sky News


As Sky News is writing today, first a deal was definitely off, then maybe on, and now… well, no one seems very sure.

21 days until United Kingdom is leaving the European Union if there is not a deal or felay agreed. It is definitely time to get prepared.

Source: Sky News