I am back in berlin a few days for work. I will be soeaking on Odette 2023 tomorrow and meetings customers.

This afternoon I was walking the streets of Berlin. As always. It is a wonderful city. 14k in total. Good city hike.

I am looking up the new StreetArt since the last time I was here.

The evening will also include the best Wienerschnitzel on the planet. I know where it is served. It is not in Vienna…

Our Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc has been included in the 2023 TIME100 Climate of the world’s most influential leaders driving climate action in business.

This, our progress and commitment to the ongoing energy transition, makes us very proud!

“To succeed with the green transition in shipping and logistics, we’ll need green fuel. While several technologies are in play long-term, for ocean shipping the only viable solution for this decade is green methanol, making it absolutely key for shipping and other hard-to-abate industries to stay aligned with the Paris Climate Accord”, says Vincent.

Check out more invaluable insights on industry investment, purchasing power, and climate technology here

👉🏼: https://lnkd.in/gkpmkQBx

Best friends. I have found many of my friends in the customs & trade family. This man is top of the list.

This weekend we celebrated the birthday (60) of Vidar Gundersen with a dinner at Bistro Tull 8:2 – an easy choice since ’Tull’ means ’Customs” in Swedish – in Kungsbacka South of Gothenburg.

Afterwards we went to the Simon & Garfunkel Story show. A truly wonderful show that is highly recomended, a great evening, as many before & more to come. The last year has been like a bridge over troubled water.