“With continued uncertainty in UK, Brexit ‘no-deal’ planning is crucially important” writes Michel Barnier today.

The European Commission reviewed all measures: 18 contingency Acts adopted, 93 notices to stakeholders published.

The Commission has concluded that there is no need to amend any measures on substance and that they remain fit for purpose.

“Between now and end of October, public authorities & stakeholders should review preparedness”, says Barnier.

This year, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) becomes 100 years old and as part of the celebration, all countries in the world will get a planet in soace and will name tjis planet.

The planet to which Sweden is assigned lies in the middle of the caravan dolphin in the constellation Big Bear.

Each country’s star should be visible from its own country and bright enough to be seen through a smaller telescope or binoculars, says Robert Cumming, the Union’s representative in Sweden.

This is the second time in history that a competition is announced where stars and planets get new names and we in Sweden are of course very happy about the planet and the star we are awarded.

The national name competitions are held between June and September 2019 and anyone can make suggestions. The names should be between 4 and 16 characters, preferably a single word, and may be names of people, people, or places of long-standing cultural, historical or geographical importance.

I know what we call our Swedish star! Zlatan.

Thank you Alexander Lira from Lira Advogados for inviting med to speak on the Risk Management Event in Sao Paulo this week.

Thank you also for taking me from and to Guarulhos International Airport. Playing a suitable song in the car….

The next prime minister will fail in any attempt to renegotiate the Brexit deal, Michel Barnier has said before warning the new leader’s choice is to accept the agreement, cancel Brexit or suffer a damaging no deal.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said that it would make no difference which of the leadership hopefuls eventually succeeded Theresa May.

She stepped down as Conservative leader on Friday.  Most of the candidates to replace her have vowed to try and secure better terms with Brussels.

Mr Barnier said that the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Mrs May was “the only one possible”. 

“A new prime minister will not change the problem,” Mr Barnier said,”“The problem is there and the new prime minister will have the responsibility with us to solve this problem.”

Mr Barnier added, “We are ready to engage with him and his team. We are ready to work once again for an orderly Brexit.”

Source: The Telegraph

Yesterday I had client meetings in São Paulo, but I also participated in and gave an opening Key Note Spech about ‘Risk Management, Compliance Management and AEO-Trusted Traders in a Customs, Trade and Border envionment in a time og globalization’ at an excellent event arranged by Lira Advogados.

This was a great event and I was happy to participate. Many international multinational companies in the crows.

Good questions and discussion and an improessive agenda for the event, made this a very good seminar.

I am happt to have dorect contacts with pur cleints. It is there in the moment you can connect and shape win-win partnerships.

It was great to see clients, colleagues and old friends at the event – but also to meet new interesting people.

From the feedback on different social media platforms I have noted that it was a very successful seminar. That is fantatsic to hear.

I always enjoy the interactive engagament with the participants.

The organizer, Alexandre Lira from Lura Advogados opening the seminar.

I really enjoyed this event, 100% and great networking – and I got to practice my Portoguese. At least a bit.

This week I visited Buenos Aires for meeting with clients.

I had good and productive meetings and I am expecting we will return soon. We have worked with Customs and Borders in Argentina before but is some time ago now.