In its annual report US News & World, together with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania presents which counties are the best to have children in.

Last year Sweden ended up in first place, but this year we lost one place is content now the second best country inbthe world for families.

Instead, Denmark is a new number one at the top of the podium. And our neighboring coubtry Norway takes the third place.

“These three countries tend to have a generous parental leave, offer free preschool and generally have a good education system,” says Deidre McPhillips at US News & World report to CNN.

Factors such as education systems, health care, human rights care, equality and economic equality have been taken into account.

73 nations have been evaluated through 65 metrics and interviewed more than 20,000 people in America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The same report also found, among other things, which country has the best education and which country is best for women.

Here are the countries where it is best to have childrenaccording to the study;

  1. Denmark
  2. Sweden
  3. Norway
  4. Canada
  5. Netherlands
  6. Finland
  7. Switzerland
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Austria
  11. United Kingdom
  12. Luxembourg

The 92nd Oscars Academy Award Gala 2020 does not have a clear favorite. It has four.

Todd Phillips clown thriller “Joker” leads the league with 11 full Oscar nominations.

10 nominations each went to Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”, Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and Sam Mendes war movie “1917”.

The nominations paves the way for an exciting and unpredictable gala where anyone of these four can take a grand slam.

Taika Waititi’s satirical “Jojo Rabbit”, Greta Gerwig’s “Young Women” and South Korean success “Parasite” by Bong Joon Ho split on 6 nominations each.

The Oscars gala is held on February 9.

Bruce Springsteen presented Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino with the National Board of Review’s Icon Award for their work on The Irishman. Here are his comments from the event:

“I once read Marty said that it’s the job of the artist to make the audience care about his obsessions. If that is our measure of success, then filmmaker Martin Scorsese, actor Robert DeNiro and actor Al Pacino, the 3 men we’ve come to honor tonight with the Icon Award have been deeply successful. An icon is a beacon notable to all that ultimately stands for much more than itself. -//-

Maybe it’s America? The melting pot. Marty, Bob and Al all hail from a tiny 20 square mile island that nevertheless, if you’ve seen their films, feels like the capital of the world. They’re the fulfilled promise of a nation forged by immigrants and their sons and daughters. -//-

For me, it’s the depth of the story telling. It’s a death defying trip making your emotional and inner life available in the dark to complete strangers. You’re on a tightrope and your commitment is what makes an actor or a filmmaker obsessively watchable. I believe it’s the artists with something eating at them that we can’t take our eyes off of. Brando, Sinatra, Hank Williams, Dylan. You can’t look away.

In them I’ve seen the religious commitment, the intensity and dedication it takes to bring forth your vision, reveal your heart and to tell your story. No one in films has ever done it better than Marty, Bob and Al. It is no wonder we celebrate them tonight”

Barriers installed on a motorway in preparation for traffic caused by a no-deal Brexit will be removed next week.

One side of the M20 in Kent was to be used only by HGVs heading to cross-Channel ports, with all other traffic restricted to a contraflow system on the opposite carriageway.

The system – called Operation Brock – was stood down in October, but the barriers were left in place.

They will now be removed after MPs backed the PM’s withdrawal agreement .

The work will begin on Monday, taking place overnight and lasting more than two weeks, MPs have been told.

The M20 will be closed between junctions 9 and 7 from 20:00 GMT on Monday until 06:00 on Tuesday.

The same stretch of the London-bound carriageway only will be closed overnight for 16 nights from Tuesday, with diversions in place.

Operation Brock was intended to deal with tailbacks caused by any customs delays experienced by hauliers in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

It was stood down when Brexit was delayed last year, leaving coast-bound traffic free to use all three lanes as normal.

Source: BBC

Australian researchers claim they have developed a battery that can keep a smartphone charged for five days or power an electric car for 1,000 kilometers (over 600 miles).

If the technology comes to be used widely, it would represent a significant breakthrough in the hunt for greener, more efficient energy.

The team from Monash University in Melbourne says the lithium-sulfur battery it has created is the “world’s most efficient,” and can outperform traditional batteries by four times.

The researchers said they are “on the brink” of commercializing the innovation, and touted its benefits for the fight against climate change.

Most commercial batteries are lithium-ion, but lithium-sulfur alternatives have long been attractive because of their higher energy density and ability to power objects for longer.

However, lithium-sulfur batteries tend to have a far shorter lifespan. They are used in some aircraft and cars, but previous attempts to bring them to mass production and phase out lithium-ion batteries have failed.

According to battery experts The Faraday Institution, the widespread use of lithium-sulfur batteries faces “major hurdles” stemming from sulfur’s “insulating nature,” and degradation of the metallic lithium anode.

The team in Australia, whose research was published in the journal Science Advances, reconfigured the design of sulfur cathodes so that they are able to withstand higher stress loads without seeing a drop in overall performance.

Their work “will revolutionise the Australian vehicle market and provide all Australians with a cleaner and more reliable energy market,” lead researcher Professor Mainak Majumder said in a press release.

The group, whose work received funding from the Australian government, has patented the new battery and further testing is scheduled for later this year.

“This approach not only favours high performance metrics and long cycle life, but is also simple and extremely low-cost to manufacture, using water-based processes, and can lead to significant reductions in environmentally hazardous waste,” Matthew Hill, who also worked on the team, said.

However, the there are some challenges and limitations associated with the technology.

Source: CNN

The Men’s EHF Euro 2020 handball championship in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland has started.

I love handball, it is my sport. I played semiprofessional many years ago and I have always loved this fast, tough and crazy indoors Olympic sport.

There are many favourites in this tournament, Denmark, Spain, Norway, France. sweden and Cristis all have great teams.

This will be a wonderful tournament with many games played in my home town Malmoe.