We have spent a few days st the very top of Denmark – in beautiful Skagen. 

This is a very special place that I highly recommend. Skagen has a beatiful scenary, small streets full of shops, great restaurants and wonderful museums. 

We also went to Grenen where two oceabs, Skagerack and Kategatt, meet. A fascinating place.

Around 130 years ago Skagen was a colony for artists, painters, writers and composers. They came to Skagen from all over Scandinavia and Europe, to meet peets – but also due to the very specal light. 

A lot of famous painters also made Skagen an exiting place in the 19th and 20th century. The most famous being P.S Krøyer, Michael Ancher and Anna Ancher. 

The painters and cultural people all lived at Brøndums Hotel in Skagen, the place where we stayed this weekend. 

In the Skagen museum you can see remarkable paintings from these years.  

There are so many wonderful thongs to see in Skagen. 

I have been in Skagen before but this was the best visit so far. We had great weather and a very nice time. 

If you have chance – go there.

Like a better wine becomes our only superstar nicer the older he gets. 

Zlatan has had a dream start in his new club Manchester United. What people might not know is that he has the best avarage score of all players in global football.

Statistics also show that Zlatan score more than one goal per 90 minutes, a rate he has improved year by year, the older he gets. 

As a young player in  Ajax Amsterdam Zlatan scored nine goals during the 2001-2002 season, which generated a strike rate of 0.46 goals per 90 minutes. 

2007-2008 season, his second season at Inter, Ibrahimovic scored 22 times, an average of 0.74 goals. 

Last season in Paris Saint-Germain Zlatan had a breathtaking avarage score of 1.09 goals/90 minutes.

Since he pulled on the red jersey of Manchester United, Zlatan in addition to having put fear into any defense of the British Isles, has raised his strike rate further and has this season a rate of of 1.33 goals/game so far. 

In fact he has improved his rate every professional season so far which proves that Ibrahimovic is an amazing striker and very few players in the history of the game can show anything similar. 

Yesterday was great day for me. 

I was awarded the title Doctor of Education (honoris causa) from Charles Sturt University (CSU) at a ceremony in Sydney. 

Doctor of Education (honoris causa)

This is a fantastic honor and I want to thank the University for acknowledging me and the area of Customs in this prominent way. 

I have worked for many years in Customs capacity building, reform/modernization and education with the aim to raise the acknowledement and professionalism of Customs. Being ackowledged by academia in this way is truly an amazing reward and inspiration. 

Pro Chancellor Angelos Frangopoulos, Dr. Lars Karlsson, Vice-Chancellor Andy Vann, Charles Sturt University

The Graduation Ceremony was held at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney, Australia.

Before my adress to the Pro Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Professors, five PhDs, two hundred and seventy Graduate Students and approximately eight hundred people and relatives participating in the event – a citation for my award was read, saying: 

Mr Karlsson is internationally recognised as the architect of contemporary approaches to customs compliance management and customs capacity building, and founded the formal link between the World Customs Organisation and academia which has led to the international accreditation of customs degree programs”. 

It also said; “Mr Karlsson is globally recognised for his unparalleled contributions to the professional practice of customs”. 

“In his role as Director of Capacity Building at the World Customs Organisation, Mr Karlsson devised and introduced the most ambitious and successful international capacity building initiative in the history of customs. Known as the ‘Columbus’ program, it has formed the basis of reform, modernisation and development initiatives in over 120 countries around the globe, and is still in use today after ten years of successful operation”

With Professor David Widdowson, CCES/INCU

I am deeply moved by these words and I am extremely honored to have received this award. This is great moment in my professional career and private life.

The Press Release from CSU for the event stated: 

The Occasional Address will be delivered by Mr Lars Karlsson. The title of Doctor of Education (honoris causa) will also be conferred on Mr Karlsson for his ‘significant contribution to the public good through his outstanding input and influence in the professional practice of customs education and capacity building.’

In my speech I underlined that; “…life is about learning and learning is life”, in reference to lifelong learning. Further more I quoted an early mentor that always ended every conversation by saying; “Whatever you learned today, use it – go out and change the world”. I also quoted Nelson Mandela who said; “I never loose, I win or learn. Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”. 

My daughter Malin was invited to the event

This was a great day. I will always remember it. Thank you to all of you for making this possible, especially all colleagues and friends that I have worked with over the years. 

In addition I want to extend my profound gratitude to Charles Sturt University, especially Pro Chancellor Dr Angelos Frangopoulos, Vice-Chancellor Andrew Vann, Professor Tracey Green, Professor David Widdowson – and all colleagues and friends at the Center for Customs and Excise Studies. 

Thank you all.