It’s a new playbook, born of Democratic futility in Texas.

The midterm elections in the United States is comming up this week. The world is watching U.S. to see if things is about to change or not. For good or for worse depending on your preference towards the oresent administration.

One of the most interesting election battles this week is fought in the South.

The Democrats attacks the Rebublicans at home, the heart of the party. In the Lone Star state of Texas.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is an American politician and businessman serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 16th congressional district since 2013. He is different. He works with grassroot mobilization, he speaks fluent Spanish and he talks about unity.

“We are going to be not against anyone,” he tells his supporters, his arms raised for emphasis, as if he’s testifying. “We’re not going to be against any party. We’re not going to be organized and animated against anything. We are going to be for one another. We’re going to be for the United States of America, for the great state of Texas, for the big bold ambitious things that we can only do together.”

With Beto the Democrats attacks the Republicans in one of the most republican states there is, and he is up aganst one of the strongest Republican politicians Ted Cruz in a time when the Texas economy is blooming. How is this possible?

The time and effort the El Paso congressman is investing in small-town Texas has become a hallmark of his small-dollar, no-PAC campaign to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, a former presidential candidate and conservative icon who won the state by 16 points in 2012.

“We may never get this chance — this opportunity — back.”

Beto o’Rourke

Part of the interesting challenge is that many democrats see 46 year old Beto o’Rourke not only as a potential Senator but also as their next President candidate. Could he be? He has a Kennedy charm and an Obama tactics. He have the languages to do it. The ability to mobilize people, to make them listen. People describe him as genuine. But to be a Trump challanger for President in 2020 he will have to beat Cruz first. That will not be easy. So five plus for his bravery. If he wins….

I am speaking about Brexit at the 7th Annual Spare Parts Business Platform on February 13th, in Stockholm.

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The Guardian had the other day a great article about The Buggles and their famous hitsong ‘Video killer a radio star’. I love that song.

I was moving to my first own apartment and there was cable TV in the house I moved to. This was unique in Sweden at the time, and we only had non-commercial public service TV at the time. I was exited. Now I would get a chance to watch TV from all around the world, including sports and music. And I did.

Already the first week in my apartment I remember that the cable company announced the start of a new channel only deficated to music, MTV.

So I watched the first broadcast of MtV and the first song ever played was…….’Video killed a Radio star’ by The Buggles.

You find the article here: The Buggles: How we made Video killed a radio star

Source: The Guardian.