What do Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, Bono, Maureen Van Zandt, Darlene Love and The Sopranos all have in common? The answer is Stevie Van Zandt, actor, activist and musician of Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. In between playing with Bruce Springsteen and a multitude of musical legends of the era, Steven carved out a legacy of his own in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Along the way, he blazed a path forward within the music industry alongside the E Street Band and Artists United Against Apartheid, speaking out with fervor about racial politics of the time and apartheid in South Africa. 

Electric, infectious and celebratory, Disciple is the rare film that yearns — like Stevie himself — for the preservation of the genre and spirit of rock n’ roll. With incredible access, it tells the story of an artist through the eyes of those that saw him most closely — the peers and legends that came up before, alongside and after him. Among them is Stevie himself, with a humor, passion and candor that lights up the screen. “At the end of the day, Steve is a true believer,” Springsteen says, and those watching will be, too.––Cara Cusumano.

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The EU Import Control System 2 (ICS2) signifies a monumental leap forward in customs security processes for the European Union (EU) and its associated territories. This automated entry system, inaugurated on June 3, 2024, is poised to safeguard the EU’s single market and its populace by fortifying border security measures.

At its core, ICS2 is an IT framework meticulously engineered to gather comprehensive data regarding all incoming cargo destined for the EU. Its fundamental objective revolves around bolstering security protocols at the EU’s external borders. Here are some pivotal aspects of ICS2:

Data Collection: ICS2 meticulously gathers a wealth of information pertaining to incoming cargo, encompassing details about the goods themselves, the modes of transportation employed (including sea, inland waterways, road, and rail), and the various economic entities involved in the shipment process:

• Security Measures: Leveraging the collected data, ICS2 meticulously scrutinizes for potential risks, thereby ensuring the implementation of requisite security measures. Its functionality is pivotal in thwarting illicit activities such as smuggling, terrorism, and trafficking.
• Economic Operators’ Obligations: Economic entities, spanning carriers, logistics providers, and final consignees, are mandated to furnish a comprehensive Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset to ICS2. Even postal and express carriers are encompassed within this obligation framework.

The ramifications of ICS2 transcend beyond the realm of customs security:

• Trade Facilitation: By expediting cargo processing, ICS2 serves as a catalyst for streamlined cross-border movements, thereby fostering the facilitation of free trade.
• Risk Management: Early identification of potential threats within the supply chain augments risk management endeavors, thereby fortifying supply chain security.
• Global Business Models: ICS2 exhibits adaptability to global business models, thereby simplifying compliance with EU regulations for international trade partners.

In summary, ICS2 stands as an emblem of substantial progress in both customs security and trade efficiency within the EU. As the EU continues to fortify its security apparatus, ICS2 occupies a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of commerce and citizenry alike.

Source: EU/TradeWinds

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