Yesterday and today I have been in London for new meetings on Brexit.

Good discussions. We are making progress.

It is always a pleasure to be back in London to talk about Customs and Borders.

Don’t miss the leading Brexit Symposium in Soest 20-21 November. There are still a few places left.

This is a non-profit one-time occasion to get the practical insights on how to prepare for Brexit.

BREXIT Symposium

Today I participated in the Swedish Annual Customs and Trade Symposium (Customs Day 2018), this time in Malmö.

I spoke about Brexit in front of a huge audience. It was highest participation since 1995, when Sweden joined the European Union. Brexit is starting to raise the right interest also in Sweden.

This event is arranged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Southern Sweden, the TransportIndustryAssociation and Swedish Customs.

These Symposiums are extremely important arenas for interaction between Customs and the Private Sector.

This is a platform that has been successful for decades in Sweden and it is very popular.

I truly enjoy visiting these symposiums. Great events, good organization, fantastic crowd – so many friends and colleague.