Just a month ago, it was revealed that Facebook has more than two billion active monthly users. That means that in any given month, more than 25% of Earth’s population logs in to their Facebook account at least once.

This kind of scale is almost impossible to grasp.

Here’s one attempt to put it in perspective: imagine Yankee Stadium’s seats packed with 50,000 people, and multiply this by a factor of 40,000. That’s about how many different people log into Facebook every month worldwide.

The Yankee Stadium analogy sort of helps, but it’s still very hard to picture.

The scale of the internet is so great, that it doesn’t make sense to look at the information on a monthly basis, or even to use daily figures.

Source: WEF

Before the Brexit referendum there were not that many articles about the consequences of leaving a Customs Union. One of the few articles that on beforehand pointed out some of the challenge ahead after a port-Brexit scenario, was written by my good friend Dr. Andrew Grainger.

However if there was a lack of articles about Brexit consequences in the Customs area before the referendum that has certainly been compensated afterwards. Every day The Guardian has a new article about Brexit related to movement of goods and people.

I am personally heavily engaged in the Brexit affairs related to Customs, Borders and Trade – both on the UK and EU sides. More about that shortly.

So if you want to know more about Brexit, this is the place to be. I am convinced that Brexit is the biggest change for Customs in our time. Bnver before a country has left a fully integrated Customs Union re-establishing its own Customs procedures at the border. Exiting times.

Every year, Swedcham carries out a survey among Swedish companies in Brazil in order to better understand the business climate and the direction of the business in general. This year 70 companies representing 18 different market sectors participated and answered to the 41 questions on topics such as market barriers, CSR and business forecasts.

The report was launched at Swedcham in São Paulo on Oct 5 with the presence of Ambassador Per-Arne Hjelmborn, Trade Commissioner Andreas Rentner and Honorary Consul General Renato Pacheco, forming Team Sweden in Brazil which has given strong support during the whole project.

You can read the complete report on Swedcham’s website, by clicking on this link: https://goo.gl/9N1zH6