Yesterday it happened again. Terrorists attacking innocent people. Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul was attacked by three terrorists opening fire with automatic weapons. After firing into the crowd, they blew themselves up with suicide bombs. 

So far 36 people are dead and more than 150 are injured. The numbers will go up. This is awful. Our condolences and thoughts go to the Turkish people and all victims. It is awful. One of the victims that died was a young Turkish Customs officer. A colleague. He was a hero, who attacked one of the terrorists to protect and save others. He paid the ultimate prize for his bravery. Tonight I will pay him and all other victims a tribute. 

I have many Turkish friends. I go regulary to Turkey and I pass even more often Atatürk International, transfering to different locations. I was at Atatürk two weeks ago. 

They want me to be afraid, they want you to be afraid. They want all of us to be afraid. 

It was one of the fathers of IRA, Michael Collins, who once said; ‘the aim of terrorism is to terrorise’. Meaning everything that scare yur enemy is good. 

Here is the news for you, there are always people that will not get scared, that will only get even more determined to stand up for freedom, democracy, equality and our lifestyle, our way of living in open societies. 

Customs will never stand down. We will continue to work against terrorism to protect the international supply chain, our nations and our people. We will develop new systems, models, concepts –  together with other agencies involved in international movement of people and goods. We will not give up, we will only become stronger.

Now we only think about our friends and colleagues in Turkey. Tomorrow the fight against terror continues.

We can’t and we will not let them win.


Sweden has for a long time been one of the candidates for the United Nations Security Council 2016.

The election was held today in the UN building in New York. 

It required 128 votes to be elected and Sweden received 134 votes in the first round, well over the two thirds majority required. Sweden competed with Netherlands and Italy and won the the first western European place in the security council. 

Sweden was the only country, out of total five new Security Council Members, that was elected in the first round.

Sweden got a long applause in the General Assembly when the result was announced. Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and UN Ambassador Olof Skoog represented Sweden at the meeting.

“I am happy and proud and I want to thank all the countries that voted for us”, said Margot Wallström during a press conference after the vote. “We will now do what we promised to do. We will work with women, peace and security. We promise to be transparent and talk to the country, instead about them”.

This will be the fourth time that Sweden decomes Member of the 15 country strong and very powerful security council. Sweden will be a Member for the next two years. 

Sweden also holds the position of Deputy Secretary General of United Nations, through our superdiplomat Jan Eliasson. 

There are 330.000 citizens on Iceland and 33.000 football players whereof 15.000 are men playing football. 3000 play adult first team football and 100 of them play professional football. 

The eleven brave

11 of these players play England in the knock-out round of the EuroCup 2016 tonight. Are they without any chance to win? No, absolutely not. This team beat Netherlands in the qualification 2-0 and 1-0. They played 1-1 vs Portugal and Hungary and they beat Austri 2-1 in the EuroCup group games. The secret? They are coached by a Swedish guy, Lars Lagerbäck. Get a Swedish manager and you will win. 

Icelandic National Football Team Manager, Swedish Lars Lagerbäck

Well, that is probably not the entire trith and the only reason but former Swedish national team coach Lagerbäck is extremely popular in Iceland due to his four years as head coach of the Icelandic football team. In fact he is so popular that people say he could become President of Iceland if he entered the election later this year. 

With my dear friend Snorri Olsen in Reykjavik

What Iceland has done in the EuroCup 2016 already is remarkable. This is due to te fact that Icelandic people are remarkable people. Iceland is a great country and a very beautiful island. If you haven’t been there I sincerely recommend you to go. 

Great places to visit on Iceland

There are many amazing places to see when visiting Iceland. It is a very beautiful and different landscape. 

Having a hot dog at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur 

However the most famous place is a hot dog stand! This is in fact probably the worlds’ most famous hot dog stand, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavik. All famous people visiting Iceland go here. So you will see photos of Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many others have eaten the famous hot dogs. Me too naturally.