When I was born I was the 32 61 459 054th person on Earth and 77 110 430 412 people have lived on Earth until today. 

My dear Bangladeshan friend Etheshamul Hoque has directed me towards a very interesting article and campaign at BBC in UK. It is a very interesting initiative about the development of mankind, existencial issued – and statistics. 

Now Etheshamul comes from lne of the largest countries in the world both in relation to population and size – and I do not. Sweden is big at size but only have ten million people. 

The world’s population is expected to hit seven billion in the next few weeks. After growing very slowly for most of human history, the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last 50 years. With a series of articles and reports BBC want to explain and show us the magnitude of this historicmoment.

BBC has developed a number generator to show where we fit in. Where do you fit into this story of human life? Fill in your date of birth below to find out. 

If you want to check out where you fit in the history of people, check here: Link to the BBC site for 7 billion

It is glorious to live in the age of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

To my grandchildren I will one day say, I saw him play. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has created another success when entering his new club Manchester United and the Premiere League this season.

Zlatan has always been a charismatic charachter and controversial person with a lot of integrity and according to some people, arrogance (I don’t agree – believing in your own ability is not arrogance). 

Especially in England media and journalists have been critical. However not anymore. And Ibra has noted it. 

I love this posting from Zlatan on his official social media accounts. 

The story continues.