Terrorist attacks make headlines, but policy-makers should be just as concerned about other forms of violence linked to organized crime and other criminal activities. In fact, violence is unfortunately increasing in our societies. There are also connected links between organized crime and terrorism. This is a worrying trend we need to address. 

The increase of violence is a real and present danger to citizens all around the world, especially in some parts. International institutions should pay more attention to it. Some of them are starting to realize this. I am unfortunately convinced that I will return to this topic in the blog many times in the future, even though I hope that I am wrong. This is an article from World Economic Forum about this topic. 


Having just written an article about the Swedish King – on his 70th birthday – and the Swedish Royal family, I have to write another one about another Swedish King. The King of Swedish football. 

King Zlatan the 1st. Yesterday Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored goal number 33 & 34 in the French Ligue 1. This was his 50th goal of the season so far. Amazing. His best season ever. PSG has already won Ligue 1 & the French Cup. Zlatan is also on top when it comes to assists. 

Today is the birthday of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and he celebrates his 70th birthday. A big day for Sweden.

Carl XVI Gustaf, or in his full name  Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus Bernadotte, has been King of Sweden since 1973, when he was crowned at age 27. King Carl Gustaf has three children, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine. 

 This year the Princesses and the Prince have all had new family members the last year. The Crown Princess has two children with her Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle (4) and Prince Oscar. Prince Carl Philip has a new born child with Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander and Princess Madeleine has two children with Chritipher O’Neill, Princess Leonore (2) and Prince Nicolas.

The Swedish Queen, Silvia – that is very popular in Sweden – has a German father and Brazilian mother. 

King Carl XVI Gustaf is kind sports fan and always follows the Swedish national teams with great interest, especially during Olympic Games. In fact His Majesty found his wife Queen Silvia during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Thus the Swedish Royal family will indeed be present at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, taking into account the Queen and her family is from Brazil. 

I have met the King and Queen four times during official interntional visits abroad. 

I have also met Crown Princess Victoria, from who I recieved the Gothia Price for Best Swedish Innovation of the Year – for the innovation of the AEO  (The Stairway).