1.3 tons of cocaine seized by Swedish Customs

1.3 tons of cocaine have been seized in the port of Helsingborg in Southern Sweden since September last year.

This is stated by the Swedish Customs Service at a press conference today.

The seizures that are “completely unprecedented in Swedish criminal history”, according to Magnus Pettersson, prosecutor at the National Unit against International and Organized Crime.

In recent years, the port of Helsingborg has consolidated its position as the major gateway to narcotics in Sweden.

In April, a record-breaking seizure of 460 kilos was made, and in May customs confiscated another 450 kilos of cocaine.

These are seizures that strengthen the image that the port has become a gateway for cocaine, not only to Sweden but also the rest of Europe.

This is amazing work done by my former colleagues, based on advanced working methods. Congrats. It is also a deeply worrying trend.