Today the Swedish Minister for ICTand Digitalization, Peter Eriksson, presented the main features of Swedish Government’s new high-speed Internet and broadband strategy – a fully connected Sweden. The strategy is the first of its kind that covers all people living in Sweden.

The strategy has the following objectives:

– In 2020, 95 percent of all households and businesses have access to broadband of at least 100 Mbit / s.

– In 2023, the entire Sweden have access to stable mobile services of good quality.

– In 2025, the entire Sweden have access to fast broadband

“For the first time the government presents a broadband strategy in which all citizens and businesses have the opportunity to be with. I feel an added joy of rural and remote areas are taken into objectives fully”, said the Minister in a comment at the Press Conference. 

In 2025, entire Sweden have access to fast broadband in the home and at work. 98 percent of the population will have access to broadband of at least 1 Gbit/s or faster. It is ten times faster than the target in the previous broadband strategy and a goal that takes the height of the development of digitization brings in the world today. 

The households that currently have 4G as the best option situated in rural areas will withvthe new strategy have 100 Mbit / s, a speed that is about five times faster and is a substantial potential.It will for many mean a significantly improved quality of life and facilitate active citizenship.

In 2023, entire Sweden will have access to stable mobile services of highest quality. This means that the connection should be as stable and of such quality that the user does not experience limitations in their use by interruptions or lack of capacity. This applies to places where people, companies, and things usually are, for example, on vacation, in recreation areas and along roads and rails.
In 2020, 95 percent of all households and businesses have access to broadband of at least 100 Mbit/s. Thanks to the government’s aggressive efforts will aim at the former broadband strategy to be surpassed by a wide margin.
“high-Speed Internat and Broadband is becoming a prerequisite for being able to take part in basic services and to fully participate in society. The development is already well advanced. In the future, many of our welfare services have large digital elements”, said Minister Eriksson.

As an example, is likely much of the health care will be provided remotely and on distance through internet solutions. Digitization will also be able to contribute a significant streamlining of the public and to improved public services and quality of life for citizens. But for all people to be able to take advantage of the public on an equal basis, to successful businesses can be developed in all parts of the country and to the public should be able to streamline the service to residents, all have broadband.

Increased globalization, digitalisation, urbanization and climate change all have a connection with, or affected by a connected society. It is important with Sweden that holds together and where it is possible to live and work in the country. When people have access to broadband is needed in each situation have broadband a unique opportunity to act as a bridge between town and country – the foundation for a democratic society equipped for the future. It also creates an opportunity for Sweden to maintain and strengthen its position in innovative and sustainable industrial production of goods and services.

Amazon has kicked off a private trial of its highly anticipated drone delivery program.For now, there are only two U.K. customers in the program. Amazon said it would expand to dozens of customers near its British facility in the coming months and later grow to hundreds. The trial is limited to daytime deliveries during suitable weather. Amazon is making the deliveries in 30 minutes at no extra cost.

A week ago in Cambridge, Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) used one of its autonomous drones for its first delivery, an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn. Amazon said it took 13 minutes from the customer clicking “order,” to the package being delivered.

There’s broad interest in the tech world in using drones to make delivery fast and efficient. Earlier this year Google (GOOGL, Tech30) delivered Chipotle burritos at Virginia Tech. It has reportedly talked to Starbucks about delivering with drones. And Domino’s has delivered pizzas in New Zealand via a drone.

Clickbhere to see the first drone delivery: Drone

U.S. residents shouldn’t expect to get an Amazon drone delivery anytime soon. Amazon’s drones fly autonomously and outside a human’s line of sight. Such a flight isn’t currently legal in the United States. Amazon has an arrangement with the British government to test its drones.

Source: CNN

This week Aliança Procomex & the Federal Revenue Authority of Brazil (Receita Federal) organized a very successful and historic third international High-Level seminar on AEO Brazil in Sao Paulo under the title ‘AEO Integrado’. 

More than 400 high-level participants attended the seminar

This was an international event with participation from eight countries, where Receita Federal presented the latest developments of AEO Brazil. 

This year Brazil, as one of the first countries in the world, is introducing Integrated AEO in line with pillar III of the World Customs Organizations SAFE Framework of Standards. 

This means that also other Border Agencies will be included in the AEO programme – starting with Agriculture (MAPA) and Health (ANVISA) – using the same programme and through one AEO certification handled by all agencies giving benefits to the AEO companies. 

More than 400 participants from Government, Academia and the Private Sector attended the meeting. 

Making my Key Note Speech

As Senior international advisor to the project – I was invited to make a Key Note Presentation about the AEO Trends in the world and what Ibtegrated AEO means and how it will work in Brazil. 

AEO Integrado (Integrated AEO) providing a Single Government Status is world bews and it is a revolution that will bring tremendous benefits to AEO companies, Government and to Brazil as a country.

Opening remark by John Mein

The opening speech was made by my good friend Dr. John Mein, Executive Secretary of Instituto Aliança Procumex and Chairperson of the World Customs Organisations Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG). 

This event was organized by Procomex

Procomex is our partner in the AEO Brazil project and the institure was alsobthe organizer of the international AEO Integrated Seminar, a very successful event brilliantly organized by Procomex.

Dr. Jorge Rachid speaking about AEO at the seminar

The Secretary of Receita Federal Dr. Jorge Rachid, Receita Federal, talking about the future of AEO in Brazil, “A project of highest priority”.

“This is a project of highest priority and importance for Brazil”

The event had a very interesting list of speakers talking about how AEO can become a game changer for Brazilian private sector and international companies trading with Brazil. 

CNI Director Carlos Abijaodi delivering his remarks

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Abijaodi, Director at the Brazilian Federation of Industry (CNI), who are the sponsor of the unique private sector cooperation support (and our partner) for the AEO Brazil project – stressed in opening remarks how crucial this project is for the Brazilian private sector. 

WTO DIrector General Roberto Azevedo speaking in the Sao Paulo seminar

WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo delivered a magnificant speech about the paramount role of AEO in the Trade Facilitation Agreement, the first multilateral trade agreement in decades. An agreement that soon enters into force. Only eight ratifications are missing at the moment. In his speech Director General Azevedo said that he expects the TFA to enter into force in early 2017. 

Ronaldo Medina, Under Secretary of Customs and International Affairs in his adddress

Brazilian Customs Director General, Under Secretary Ronaldo Medina presented the AEO Brazil numbers, “we already have 83 AEO companies – 12,8% of the total flow – and another 110 companies have submitted their applications. We aim to have 50% of the flow as AEO in 2019”.

“We already have 83 AEO companies – 12,8% of the total flow – another 110 companies have submitted their applications and we aim for 50% of the flow in 2019”.

In his speech Dr. Medina outlined how AEO Brazil will become the new trade process of Brazil. 

A historic moment 

The first AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement is signed! Between Brazil and Uruguay. 

At the event Brazil (Secretary Rachid) and Uruguay (Dirctor Canon) signed the first AEO South-South Mutual Recognition Agreement on the continent. The first AEO MRA for Brazil and the first for Uruguay. This a major landmark event creating a new trade corridor between Brazil and Uruguay. 

Brazil is negotiating MRAs also with United States, China, South Korea and Argentina. 

“We are expecting several more of these AEO MRA agreements to be signed in 2017”

Under Secretary Medina said in his speech that “we are expecting several more of these AEO MRA agreements to be signed in 2017”. 

Dr. Enrique Canon in his emotional and excellent speech at the seminar

Uruguyan Customs Director Enrique Canon gave an outstanding speech on globalization and how Customs plays a role in a positive future. He said that the agreement between Uruguay and Brazil is an innovation that will bring growth to both countries. 

A second historic moment

The seminar also had another historic moment. The first Single AEO Government Status for Integrated AEO in the world is born.  

The Brazilian Federal Revenue Agency – Secretary Rachid – signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture – Secretary Luis Eduardo Pacifi Rangel – making Agriculture the first pilot in a multiagency AEO programme. 

This means that Brazil will have one single AEO status for all Government border agencies with a single application, validation, certification and monitoring/re-validation process. There will be one control programme and a common benefit package. This is world news! Also Health (ANVISA) will join the pilot project in 2017. 

MAPA Secretary speaking about his high expectstion on simplificatilns for trade as a result of the AEO Integrated programme

Secretary Luis Eduardo Pacifi Rangel, Agriculture and Livestock Defense, explains why it is natural for Agriculture to become the first other border agency officially entering the AEO Brazil programme.

Private Sector representatives from Brazilian AEO companies speaking about their experinces. 

The final private sector panel of the event, an excellent panel with representatives from comalkies like e.g;  GM, Embraer, Scania and Schenker – was moderated by Ernani Checcucci former Under Secretary of RFB and now Dirctor of Capacity Building of the World Customs Organization.

The AEO companies displayed a positive view of the experience from AEO Brazil. Several participants described it as huge plsitive change invthe relation betweenbtheir company and Receita Federal. 

“AEO has given us considerable savings, millions of dollars, already”

They also said that it “was not as costly and difficult to become AEO as they had expected” and that AEO Brazil “has given us considerable savings, millions of dollars, already”.

The speakers of the AEO Integrated conference

This was truly a landmark event – not only for Brazil but for the world – moving a new paradigm for AEO into reality. 
Now the real work starts. 

Tonight my favourite band in the world, Swedish pop giants KENT ends their career with their last ever performance in Stockholm. 

KENT plays in front of 27.000 people in Tele2 arena. The band end their farewell tour with three concerts in Stockholm, the last one tonight. My oldest daughter Louise – another passionate KENT fan – was their on Thursday for her farewell to this increadible band.  

I have seen two of the shows on their farewell tour and it has been absolutely amazing shows. 

KENT is not an ordinary band. They are the story about four childhood friends that created the mist popular band in Swedish music history, ABBA, Europe, Soundtrack of our lives, Hives and Ace of Base included. 

They are different in so many ways. A band with huge integrity, very rarely seen on television and never in papers or magazines. They have delivered few interviews the last decades. It was always all about the music. About the lyrics. The story that they wanted to tell. I have so much respect for this band.

KENT is a also fantastic live band with unbelievable innovative visual effects and always with their own innovative distinctive sound. 

The band leader, Joachim Berg, is an absolute genious in writing songs and lyrics. The best I have ever heard. 

I have lived my last 20 years with this band. It is a sad day, but I am also grateful to have discovered this band. To have had the privilege to experience this music.

If they would have performed in English – and not Swedish – they would have been as big as U2 or Coldplay. I am sure. Their music is that good. 

It is typical – and very like KENT – to suddenly just out of the blue decide to stop, at the top of their career. In January 2016 – without any warning – they announced that this is the last year. 

They announced a farewell tour – sold out in two minutes – ending today and they also released a final album. The last song on that last album, being named: “The last song”. So very KENT. In the song chorus Jocke Berg songs, “…this is the last time we meet, this is the last song you get”. 

“Den sista gången sista gången vi sågs
, Sista sången sista sången du får, Den sista gången sista gången vi sågs
, Det här är sista sången sista sången du får”

I will miss you, but your music lives forever. R.I.P KENT. 13 albums sold in millions in Scandinavia. Thank you Jocke Berg, Samy Sirviö, Marcus Mustonen and Martin Sköld. 

I love KENT. All my kids love KENT too and webhave been tobtheir concerts together. We know the songs, we know the amazing lyrics. They are a part of our lives, family. That is what really gold music can achieve. 

KENT leaves as they came, as the conquered. With integrity and dignity, the best band in the world. Ever and forever. There will never be a comeback. It is just not who they are. Goodbye KENT. This awful year 2016 just got worse. Long live 2017. 

This week I am in Brazil for work. It is the end of the year and we will present our results on the AEO Brazil project. A very innovative AEO programme that has changed the way of Brazilian import and export. 

View from a hotel room in Sao Paulo

It is always a pleasure to be in Brazil. This is a fascinating country. I have so many friends here. I love the country. 

Dinner with friends the night before our seminar

This is not a country it is a continent, a slumbering giant that has started to take its place on the global scene – but due to domestic turbulence the last three years has been stuck in limbo. 

Sao Paulo often has draught but not this week

I am however absolutely certain that Brazil is on the right track. It will soon raise to its full potential. I have started to see the signs even though there is a way to go and still some challenging times ahead. 

Getting ready for the holiday season

But when you travel as much as I do you get a feeling for the trend indicators of a countries future development. I will give you some examples; the planes to Brazil are full again, always. A lot of business travellers. The hotel room prices are going up and are hugher than last year. The currency, reais, has recovered from its worse. The Brazilians are shopping for Xmas like never before….

Merry Xmas Brazil

A country with the potential of Brazil will become a world leader one day. They have everything here. The country is rich on natural resources and has a huge young population. And most important, the people are fantastic. I love the Brazilian people – and culture. People are open and friendly. 

I know. The future belongs to Brazil. I will be back next year. 

This has been a fantastic year for my new blog here on 

Over the last months the interest and mumber if visitors has not only increased but almost exploded. The weblog ‘Capacity Now’ has now by far surpassed my old blog, ‘Nothing is impossible’ in popularity.

Last month I had more than 16.000 vistors/readers which is truly amazing. 

In November 16.181 people read about capacity building on the blog! Thank you. 

I will continue to develop this channel and this arena for information and dialogue about Customs, borders, trade, security, facilitation, development, capacity building, film, music, sports and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This is a platoform about life. I am glad you like it. 

Stay tuned for 2017. It will be an exiting year with some really interesting news.