Today the first of a new generation of AEO programmes was launched at GITEX 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The deputy Ruler of Dubai launches AEO UAE

H.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum launched the AEO UAE programme with his hand on an interactive AEO globe. 

The event was very popular and a huge crowd followed the proceedings. 

With Dubai Customs AEO Team

This is the most advanced and modern AEO programme in the world meeting international standards and best practices while introducing a new AEO paradigm. 

AEO UAE has a new set of innovative benefits, but also new features like AEO for transhipments and AEO performance indicators (KPI) för speed, predictability and cost. 

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Dubai Customs and H.E. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem Chairman and CEO Dubai Ports World.

This is a project that we are very proud of and the cooperation with Dubai Customs and UAE Federal Customs Authority has been outstanding.

GITEX 2016 is a huge technology event that attracts people from all around the world. 

Here I am testing an interactive application together with our man in Dubai, Christer Andersson. 

AEO UAE was the event of the day in spite of competition from artificial intelligence software, self-driving card, föoexiblenrobots and a the next generation of dromes. 

Ms. Eman Al-Suwaidy, excellent project owner of AEO UAE in Dubai.

The first AEO certificates will be presented at a ceremony on October 30 and the programme opens for new applications on November 1st. 

The specially made interactive AEO Globe developed by Customs was a great success. 

I am again at an airport. On my way towards the next project. 

It is not my favourite way to spend a Saturday morning, but sometimes necessary. 

It is big world and there are a lot of things to do out there if you want to contribute to make this world a slightly better place for us all. 

I do. 

It is what drives me to work so har and travel so much as I do. 

I have done my share of airmiles the last twenty years or so. I have seen the world, at least 164 countries. The good thing about travelling is that you always, always learn new things. 

And one thing that Inhave learned over the years is that people are the same everywhere and they all have something to share. 

If we open our hearts we learn from each other.

It is never fun to be away from home. Especially a Friday night. But sometimes you have to do it if you want to change the world. 

After a day of good meetings I am now relaxing, having dinner, planning tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I go to another country on another continent. 

It is great though to have dinner outside at 9pm in the middle of October.

There are many amazing places in the world. I have seen many of them. But a Friday night there is no place more amazing than home. Goodnight. 

The United Nations (UN) has appointed a new Secretary General.

It will be Portugal’s former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, who takes over the role from January 1, according to the AP.

Guterres replaces South Korean Ban Ki-Moon, who has been in office for two five-year periods.

This is an excellent decision. 

It is also very good that the institution only grants officials two terms nowadays. Two terms should be a maximum in all international institutions.

Robert Zimmerman a.k.aBob Dylan was named the surprise winner of the Nobel prize for literature in Stockholm today “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

Speaking to reporters after the announcement, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, said she hoped the Academy would not be criticised for its choice.

The times they are a’changing

“The times they are a’changing, perhaps,” she said, comparing the songs of the American songwriter, who had yet to be informed of his win, to the works of Homer and Sappho.

Today The Swedish (Stockholm) Chamber of Commerce, the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprise and Swedish Customs arranged the annual Customs-Trade Symposium in Stockholm. 

I was invited as Key Note Speaker and delivered the end speech under the topic: Customs Trends in the World: Back to the Future. 

At the Symposium – that is arranged every year – I talked about the new AEO paradigm, BREXIT, UCC, WTO TFA and about the use of Social Media in the Customs area. I took this selfie during my presentation.

This is a very important event where all stakeholders of the supply chain meet to discuss about how to make international trade, safer, better and more effecient. 

This year approximately 450 people participated in the seminar.