My Mexican amigo Ricardo Treviño elected as new Deputy Secretary General of the World Customs Organization.…

EU leaders agree today to move on to Phase two in the Brexi talks.

“Congratulations, Prime Minister Theresa May!” wrote Tusk on Twitter since the 27th remaining EU countries’ heads of state and government have made their expected decision.l at the EU Council meeting in Brussels.

“Sufficient progress” in the initial phase 1 negotiations was confirmed. It was last week when a settlement was finally reached between May and the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels. Juncker today said that much remains to be solved on Britain’s way out of the EU.

“The second phase is significantly more difficult than the first one – and the first one was very difficult” said Juncker.

“The first big step now is that Britain must say what they want, in clear words. It will probably happen within a few weeks. Then we will have a very clear European opinion (on the bargaining position) in March”, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on the way to today’s discussions.

I never miss the TV-show ’Nobel Minds’, the round table talk of Nobel Prize winners.

The show is lead by BBC Worlds brilliant Zeinab Badawi from the Grünewaldhall at Concerthall Stockholm. Always an excellent hour.

It’s long overdue and it happened at #MC11: A new chapter of business engagement with the WTO opened at the Buenos Aires Business Forum.

My colleague and good friend Jonas Lind, has written an excellent and very interesting article about how to unfreeze digital transformation in the public sector.

In the article Jonas ask the very relevant questions: “Do you agree with me? What do you think are the top three restraining factors that are slowing down the digital transformation in public sector?”

The age of digital is imminent and embracing the digital revolution is inevitable. At least that’s what the man on the street believes. And this wave is prompting governments to analyse both their digital strategy and ability to accept and adapt to this phenomenon.

But for all the good intentions, why then are Governments stuck with the unfortunate image of being unable to change. That transformation in the Public Sector is either impossible or even if attempted, often ends in failure?

Read the entire excellent article here: how to unfreeze digital transformation in the Public Sector

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Today it is December 13, the Day of Saint Lucia. In Sweden – and the Nordic countries – this is a very special day.

In all schools, official buildings and offices today there will be a Lucia celebration, the queen of light. The Lucia and her diciples sing specific songs and we eat a specific meal, Lucia cakes.

Lucia is a celebration celebrated on December 13, and the name of the main character of the festival. In Sweden, the lucid day together with advent marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations.

Lucia celebration in Sweden has its background in folktro, legends and historical facts. Lucia comes with light when it’s the darkest. Lucia reminds us of hope.