Encouraging people to work from home doesn’t just appeal to employees; it could help build trust and increase productivity, according to an MIT study.

The Executive Education program at MIT Sloan School of Management piloted a flex time scheme in which a team of 35 employees were encouraged to work remotely at least two days per week, were able to work hours that suited them, and weren’t expected to be connected 24/7. They were expected to make it into the office at least one day a week.

Following the six-month trial, 100% of employees said they would recommend working remotely.

Staff reported feeling less stressed, with reduction in commute time having a big impact on stress levels. Associate Dean of the Executive Education program at MIT, Peter Hirst, discussed the outcomes of the pilot in an article for Harvard Business Review. He noted that by reducing the number of days staff needed to commute a core area of stress was eliminated.

That benefit should reap results in healthier and happier employees who take fewer unplanned sick days,” he said.

The scheme also found flex time increased worker productivity and therefore led to financial gain. Not only did flexible working increase employee’s happiness, health and productivity, it also increased trust. “We trust our people to be professionals and understand what needs to be done, regardless of where they work,” Hirst emphasised.

Traditional work practices requiring specific and strict working hours can indicate a lack of trust in employees. Allowing flexible working shows trust in staff, with MIT finding 62% of employees felt an improved level of trust and respect from their employers.

The results achieved by MIT have been replicated in other reports, with the Society for Human Resource Management reporting that more than 80% of flexible working arrangements were successful.

They also reported increased productivity in some workers who began working flex time, as well as a decrease in sickness. Flexible working is now being seen as a necessity that companies need to embrace. 60% of employers say that flexible working is the key to staying competitive in a report from Powwownow.

More than three quarters of employers believe flexible working leads to a better work-life balance. “Flexible working is becoming a necessity within our working lives,” Jason Downes, Managing Director at Powwownow said. “Companies really need to embrace this is order to remain competitive.”

Today Manchester United started their journey towards the Premier League title by winning against Bournemouth away 3-1. It was the first Premiere League game for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

He is unique in many ways, but also since he has scored in his premiere game in all leagues he has played in, namely Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France. 

Naturally Ibra scored also today. Zlatan scored a great goal for 3-0, when United beat Bournemouth 3-1. 

The journey has started towards the title. You can see his goal here (click here): Zlatan scores

Today Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes his first official game in the English Premiere League, the league they say is the best in the world. 

Ibrahimovic has won more titles than any other olayer in the history of soccer, he has 13 league titles in 14 seasons and he is already national champion and league winner in Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France. Now he has arrived to concquer England and bring back glory to Manchester United. He had played teo games scoring two goals so far. Last weekend he scored the decisive goal in Community Shield, winning the title for United.

One of the people that has been waiting for Ibrahimovic is John 64 years old, working in the Manchester United Supporter Store. He has been a Manchester United fan since he watched his first live game at the age of two. Manchester Inited has already sold I rahimivic shirts for a value of 90 million Euros. John days, “Zlatan has already made two goals, we love him. According to me, he would have come earlier, he is made for United. He’s already a legend. He continues as he has done, he will be remembered here forever like they are”, pointing towards the statue of George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton.

This afternoon the Premiere League season 2016/2017 starts. Manchester United plays Bournemouth away.

The Media Network Sky Sports has made an interview with Zlatan about his decision to (finally) come to England to play. 

I will never turn down a challenge, so when this challenge was presented to me I would never turn it down. I am not like many others who have it good and know they can perform at the top and would never change.

In my career people say this player is an ego and he is that, but look at how many assists I have. When I make assists and help the team to score it’s the same as when I score. Goals yes, I help the team, but assists also help the team, so I am looking for both.

I am the opposite, I will take the challenge, work hard, I will sacrifice. We will see what the outcome is, but turning down a challenge does not exist in my world. I have been in every country, now England, and that is why I find the adventure cool. I came, I won, I went, hopefully I can do the same here.

The only risk is if I don’t win. For me individually I don’t see a risk. I have nothing to prove or demonstrate. I have my career, I have done what I have done, performed as I have, and I bring that to England. It’s about coming and winning and making Manchester United shine again.

If I win I will be satisfied, it’s all about winning, if I can get the club back to where it belongs at the top of the table I will be happy. I am here to win. The individual comes from the collective, if I can win with the team then the individual is good also.

The past is the past, the present is the present. Whatever happened has happened, it is not something I think about now. It’s about making new chapters in your life. We are in a new chapter now, we are ready for it”

Here is a link to the entire interview: Sky Sports meets Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil or as it officially called, Games of the XXXI Olympiad, has now been in play for one week. So far it has been a great Olympic Games Event. 

We have seen many fantastic sports moments, amazing performances and surprise winners. Also the organization has been exvellent so far, despite the challenges leading up to the games. 

Sweden has been doing fine during the first week. We are place number 20 with five medals so far, one gold, three silver medals and one bronze. 

Our super-swimmer queen Sarah Sjöström has won a gold, a silver and a bronze on her own. She also broke the world record on 50 meters butterfly. She is a great athlete. 

We also have won silver medals by Emma Johansson in womens’ cykling road race and by Marcus Svensson in Skeet shooting. 

Our next chance for a Swedish medal is tomorrow when our golf star Henrik Stensson is going for gold.

Like most people I am thrilled by the original Olympic competitions, like e.g. Track and Field. Especially 100 meters running. Will he do it again, the great Usain Bolt? Tomorrow we will know. I love sports and I love the Olympics. 

The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden will visit Sweden and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on August 25th, Swedish government announced today.

I look forward to welcoming Vice President Joe Biden to Sweden. The relations between Sweden and the United States have rarely been as good as now, and I see his visit as a manifestation of this“, says Stefan Löfven in a written statement.

At the meeting, both bilateral and international issues discussed. The issue of global responsibility for migration and refugees is central to the agenda, according to the press release. Also represention and cooperation in international organizations will be discussed durkng the meeting.

This week I have been on mission to China. I have been going to China the ladt 20 years and it always exiting. The changes are enormous. I really like China. 

This week we have had meetings with colleagues and friends, partners and clients. 

China is amazing in so many ways. I like the people, the culture, the drive and the speed in the society. It is magic. 

China is the future. There is no doubt in my mind. Coming here and seeing the fast development gives a lot of positive energy and hope for the future. 

Security on the borders is constantly improving with new intelligent systems and innovative technology. Like in several of the leading airports of the world, Beijing International Airport has an efficient risk management based fast track for immigration and people security with automatic passport readers.

In China we have had discussions about common projects. 

The work of Customs, border management has so many dimensions and perspectives. Meeting likeminded and very proffessional people to talk about Customs and Trade makes my day any day of the week. This week we have had only good days. 

Vidar Gundersen. My boss. My colleague. My brother. One of my best friends the world. It is a great pleasure to work amd spend time with Vidar. He is fantastic. Here is enjoying the very hot and humid Beijing yesterday. And he really IS hot! Vidar is one the best people I have ever met on my life. 

We also – like every time – have had opportunity to taste the many deliscious Chine couisines. 

Two of our friends and colleagues, Cecilia and Vera. Excellent hosts.

The best ever HotPot. Spicy, strong and increadibly tasty. Deliscious! I really like strong and spicy food. This was one of the best meals I had in a long time.

One of the many faces of China, the largest economy on Earth – a blend between now and then, the future and the past.