Today the best soccer player in the wirld, Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced that he will leave his club Paris Saint-Germain after this season, with two games left to go. The Qatari owned club wakted to keep Ibrahimovic who had has his best season of his long professional career brealing all records and so far scoring 46 goals, whereof 36 in the Ligue 1. This is 20 goals more than the second on the goal scorers list this season. 

PSG annonced the news on their website earlier today and displyed their enormous gratefulness towards Ibra for taking the club to the top, having lead the club and team to four straight national trophees and many titles during this time period.

Being a charismatic player and person, Zlatan himself naturally was first with the announcment on his Twitter accoujt and App, saying, “I came like a king, left like a legend”. Great words from a great player.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi had great and warm words for Zlatan. “In just four years, Zlatan has made a huge contribution to the club’s history and fame, and at the same time he has raised the interest for French football worldwide. Ibra is truly a great man on and off the pitch. With his incredible talent and charisma, he has conquered the hearts of the people of Paris and beyond. All the trophies he has won with the club, every record he has beaten and his incredible goals will always remain in our memories”, says the president. 

“I am extremely proud to have welcomed a world class player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris and I now look forward to the opportunity to work with him again when he finishes his career. He will always be the home of Paris Saint-Germain”.

Ibra also said, “…it is not goodbye, I will be back to PSG after my active career is over to work with the club”. Fantastic news for PSG. Au revoir France.

The big questions right now is instead: 

Where to now? 

Australia is going to the forefront of global development with the introduction of the Australian Trusted Trader programme in a few months. This is a very solid AEO programme fully meeting the international standards and best practices, but also aiming to go further. 

Ms. Linda Geddes, First Assistant Secretary Traveller, Customs and Industry Policy Division, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, presented the new ATT programme at the 3rd WCO Global AEO Conference in Mexico this week. 

Here is Linda on the stage for the panel discussion on new landmark programmes. 

ATT is also a platform to onclude other agencies, to conenct AEO to a Single Window and the basis for already started international projects on simplified and streamlined reporting, a very interesting and visionary initiative under the “Future Trade Environment” umbrella. 

It is starting to happening down-under and we should really follow vlisely the leaps the new agency now is taking on the global Customs and Trade scene. This is without any doubt one of the most interesting examples in the world right now. 

In Cancun we listened to a great presentation about AEO Brazil done by Jose Carlos Araujo, the Coordinator and operstional manager of Customs (COANA) at the 3rd WCO Global AEO Conference. AEO Brazil is a very modern and interesting AEO programme of world class that has been developed in a comorehenisive and solid way. My friend Jose Carlos did an excellent job introducing AEO Brazil and Receita Federal as a world leader in front of the entire Customs world. I was extremely proud. This is a programme showing that emerging economies can take the lead on new advanced models.

Here I am on stage in Cancun with the Key Persons leading AEO Brazil, namely Jose-Carlos Araujo, the AEO programme Manager Virginia Medeiros and the Head of the National AEO Center in Brazil, Fabiano Deniz. 

I urge all to see what Brazil Customs and the Federal Revnue Authority (Receita Federal) is doing. Visit Receita Federal and Brazil, a wonderful country in so many ways. I love it.
The introduction of AEO Brazil comes in a very timely period for Brazil, while having political turbolence and economic challenges, the leadership of Receita Federal has been extremely strong, dedicated and commited to implementing this new programme in Brazil, for the greater good of the country and global trade. 

The programme has been developed in close cooperation with the private sector through Allianca Procomex. There has also been continued support from the Federation on Brazilian Industry (CNI). The model used By Procomex is unique and should be interesting for many other countries.