This week I am speaking at the 2018 AEO International Conference and Assembly, held in Baku The Republic of Azerbaijan, 2-4 May.

The event is co-organized by the State Customs Committee and the International Association of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), Customs and Logistics.

A very interesting event looking at how the AEO instrument can be platform for new secure trade lanes like the New Silk Road.

I always come back to Baku. It is a wonderful city by the Caspian Sea. I have may friends here since many years.

I also like the people of Azerbaijan. There are not many places where the hospitality is higher than here.

It will be great to be back for a few days.

I am taking the Azerbaijan Airlines 02.30am Early Bird out of Dubai, heading for Baku.

After two days AICE2018 conferencing in Dubai, I am off for the AEO Border Security Conference in Baku where I am knvited to deliver a Key Note Speech on the new generation of Border Security – in the context of the New Silk Road (former) “One belt, One road” initiative.

Another short night in a plane. The conference starts 09.30am.

The life of a globetrotter in the common service of the global society.