It is never fun to be away from home. Especially a Friday night. But sometimes you have to do it if you want to change the world. 

After a day of good meetings I am now relaxing, having dinner, planning tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I go to another country on another continent. 

It is great though to have dinner outside at 9pm in the middle of October.

There are many amazing places in the world. I have seen many of them. But a Friday night there is no place more amazing than home. Goodnight. 

The United Nations (UN) has appointed a new Secretary General.

It will be Portugal’s former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, who takes over the role from January 1, according to the AP.

Guterres replaces South Korean Ban Ki-Moon, who has been in office for two five-year periods.

This is an excellent decision. 

It is also very good that the institution only grants officials two terms nowadays. Two terms should be a maximum in all international institutions.

Robert Zimmerman a.k.aBob Dylan was named the surprise winner of the Nobel prize for literature in Stockholm today “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

Speaking to reporters after the announcement, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, said she hoped the Academy would not be criticised for its choice.

The times they are a’changing

“The times they are a’changing, perhaps,” she said, comparing the songs of the American songwriter, who had yet to be informed of his win, to the works of Homer and Sappho.