The last days I have spent in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – or KL as everybody say – for meetings. 

I like this city. I have always liked the big cities in Asia. 

I have visited Malaysia many times in the past and it is always a pleasure to be back. 

KLIA Airport in KL is also one of the large flight hubs of Asia. A good place to transfer.

Marin Insight has published an article on how to prevent smuggling of contraband on ships. 

Transportation of illegal and contraband items through ships is a legal offence. The master of the ship must take all the steps possible in order to prevent smuggling of such items.

Smuggling on ships has reduced greatly with introduction of various measures to ensure the security and safety of the ship and its crew. However, it is the duty of the master and the crew to ensure that the ship stays away from such unwanted troubles. 

In the article Marine Insight lists tve measures that needs to be taken to prevent transportstion of illegal prodicts.

To get more information on basic measures to prevent smuggling, read here: Article: Basic Steps to Prevent Smuggling on Ships

We live in an age of individualism, which also means an age of selfies. We see tem everywhere, people taking selfies. I do too. People have noticed and I sometimes get comments about it. 

I never use a selfiepin personally, but the sales of this device has skyrocketed 

I travel a lot, go to new places, meet new people, learn. This is my life. I always want to learn. 

My favourite selfie of all times

When you are in new places or meet nee people we used to take a photograph to remember the place or the occasion. Now it is so easy to take high quality photos with our smartphones that we take so much more photos all the time. 

All people turning their backs to President candidate Clinton for a selfie

If you are in beautiful place or meet anninterwting person, you want to treasure the moment. The birth of the selfie. The really new thing is naturally that we share these moments in a new way in the digital environment. So social media becomes a platform for our lives or at least a versiln of our lives. I guess that most people, like me, have their own limits for what to post. 

A great selfie is a great selfie

Anyway, the phenomea is here to stay. A nee time, a new culture. So welcome to the world of selfies.