I love football. It is a long love story. When I was four years old I was at the stadium in Malmö and watched a game live flr the first timd. Since the moment the referee started that game in 1968 with his whistle, I have loved the sport.

The game I saw was Malmö Fotbollsförening (FF) vs. AIK Solna (Stockholm). I can still remember the smell of grass, the sound when players hit the ball and the joy of a goal from that first day. Since then I have been a Malmö FF fan. I don’t know what it was – maybe the skyblue shirts.

I Sweden Malmö FF is the biggest club, founded on 1910 we are the only club with 20 national titles (we habäve won the first division 23 times) and with an additional 14 national cup titles there are no other club that can compete. We have won the league four times the last fiv years and we have played Champions League three times, with a final in 1989 as the best result. In 2009 we moved our home 200 meters to the new stadium.

There is something special with this game, and the passion it delivers all around the world.

Our three best players ever are easy to rank. Almost all Malmö FF have the same trio on top.

For me the best of all times-list looks like this:

1. Marcus Rosenberg

2. Bosse Larsson

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Rosenberg is our present captain and absolutely amazing. He is Malmö in every sense.

Bosse Larsson is our star player from the past. Once the Swedish nationambteam caoch was asked how Sweden could improve – after ending 5th in the World Cup 1974 – and he answered, “…give me ten Bosse Larsson and a goal keeper”. Zlatan is Zlatan.

He played his younger years with us and one and a half season with the first team before leaving for Ajax Amsterdam at the age of 19. What he has meant for our club and city in the world is outstanding. The best player we ever saw.

There is something special at our stadium. The fans is amazing and numerous international teams – like e.g. Juventus, Madrid, Salsburg – have testified the electric athmosphere and the passion of the fans.

We won the game in 1968 3-1. Since then Malmö FF is my club. And we still beat AIK.


Manchester United confirms that it has agreed to the termination of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract with immediate effect.

Everyone at the club would like to thank Zlatan for his contribution to the team since his arrival and wishes him well for the future.

Zlatan posted on his Instagram page shortly after the news and said: “Great things also come to an end and it is time to move on after two fantastic seasons with Manchester United.

Thank you to the club, the fans, the team, the coach, the staff and everybody who shared with me this part of my history. #foreverred”

Here you can see Zlatan Ibrahimovics 30 strikes for Manchester United in less than one season: All of Zlatans 30 goals

It would be fair to state that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a bigger impact in a short space of time than any other player in Manchester United’s history.

The fact the Swedish striker has only had one full season in the red shirt, top scoring and helping to bring three trophies to the club, means he is pretty unique in his achievements in a limited time at Old Trafford.

Considering Zlatan made 30 goals in 53 appearances for the club, and 10 off those were off the bench, when focusing on ex-Reds with so few matches, it becomes clear he stands alone in his influence and output.

The centre-forward’s 30 strikes in his first season meant his goal average among this group of players may have been bettered by three individuals, even if each man failed to win any medals at the club.

When looking at the official records, it becomes quite apparent Zlatan Ibrahimovic could stand alone for his short-term contribution to Manchester United. History will show his one full season in red was a clear success and one that will be remembered fondly. One wonders what he might have achieved but for the serious knee injury sustained against Anderlecht, which so severely restricted his output.

Yesterday I was invited by the UK House of Commons, Exiting the European Union Committee as wotness to discuss my ideas on Border Solutions post-Brexit.

The hearing was held in Whitehall, Portcullis House – a suitable place for a dialogue on Customs matters.

Last November I presented a report ’SmartBorder 2.0’ outlining a model for the new EU-UK border post-Brexit for the European Parliament.

Some of the questions from the MPs of the House of Commons Commitee were related to the proposals in the EP report, which has been called a blueprint by British media.

It was a great experience and I am proud to have been invited to this distinguished Committee.

The hearing was broadcasted live by BBC.

As I said in my final comment to the Committee, I believe that everybody that can contribute to good solutions in this complicated solution – should do so. If UK Government wants me and my colleagues involved when going forward, I will be honored to offer my experience, knowledge and ideas.

Here is a link to hearing: Lars Karlsson in the House of Commons