The 3rd World Customs Organization Global AEO Conference in Cancun, Mexico has started. 

More than 1000 delgates from all around the world are gathered to discuss the future of the international standards and implementation of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) concept.

It is amazing to be here with all colleagues talking about AEO, especially taking into account that this is an idea that once was born in Sweden many years ago. I was there delivering this ‘baby’ and now to see that pur ‘baby’ (AEO) isn’t crawling or even walking anymore – it is up and running. The Stairway lives. 

We are in Cancun, Mexico, to discuss the future of compliance management. KGH is global market leader on AEO and MRA models. It is natural for us to participate in the 3rd WCO Global AEO Conference.

This is our new material on AEO. We have worked with more than forty countries on AEO and Trusted Traders. We are currently working in seven different countries designing, developing and implementing AEO and TTP programmes together with Governments. 

We have also helped and supported more than 900 companies to apply for, validate, become and maintain AEO status. One of our specialities is to optimize the utilization of AEO programnes and the benefits for all stakeholders. This means that you could say that, KGH = AEO. 

I have now had my new blog ‘CapacityNow’ published ten days. My old blog, ‘Nothing is impossible’ lived for eleven years and had more than 14.000 visitors/month at the end of the journey. So after a six months break to re-think my platform, I didn’t know how fast the new blog would regain its readers. I was expecting a rather slow start building the numbers of readers step-by-step over time, maybe with 800-1000 readers a month to start with. Nothing could be more wrong. It seems like my readers have been waiting for the launch of the blog. I am extremely happy with the numbers so far. 

During the first week, without any major PR, more than 4000 readers have visited the website. It is truly amazing! I have had visitors from all around the world, in total from 72 countries – many from Africa, Europe and Latin America. Top noted countries in relation to number of viewers globally are; Belgium, United States, Brazil, Japan and South Africa. Thank you for still being out there and interested in my blog about Customs, borders, capacity building, development, music, Zlatan Ibrahimovic – and much more. 

This is only the beginning.