The Africa we once knew and that most people in the West still think exists is not there anymore. In fact the view most people have of the wonderful African continent is fundamentally wrong. 

Africa today is a young, prosperous, modern and fast growing region of the world. Listen to Professor Hans Rosling when he describes the real situation supported by emperic evidence and statistics and you will find amazing and promising news. I urge you to search for Professor Roslings speeched on YouTube. 

Africa is many things, but not what we think it is. In fact the real story is much better than any dreams we might have had for this, the continent of the future. I have personally visited almost all of the countries on Africa, many of them several times over a long time period. Change is very present in most places, not everywhere – but still. 

World Economic Forum has recently presented compiled statistics from IMF and own sources about the fastest growing African economies. Africa is the future for all of us. 

You find the article here:

Early bird coffee at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dubai this morning. Waiting for a friend. We are onnour way to Abu Dhabi this morning. 

Ot is always exiting talkng the highway from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or the other way around. 

Once and not very long ago, there were only sand here. Now two of the most modern and futuristisk vities in the world are situated only 1.5 hour by car beside each other in the desert. It is amazing and impressive in so many ways. 

I have been going to Abu Dhabi and Dubai the last two decades and the changes are unbelievable to comprehend. When you see the new areas taking shape you realize that nothing is impossible.  

I am in Dubai for a few days working with our client Dubai Customs. Together we are building the most modern AEO programme in the world, AEO UAE – that will be pilot tested in Dubai by Dubai Customs. We are virtually designing the future. This is a fascinating country in relation development. 

Dubai is growing, very fast. The World Expo 2020 is getting closer and is soon here. Dubai and UAE is getting ready.

It is a pleasure to work with Dubai Customs. The Top Managment has visions and strategic capability, the AEO Programme Management is excellent and the AEO Team here is absolutely great. 

We are now testing the AEO UAE programme with a pilot phase including 12 companies. Later this year the concept will go live and operational. We in KGH has a very experienced and qualified team present in Dubai working full time with this specific project. It is a pleasure to be a part of making history when we are breaking new grounds for compliance managment, introducing a number of new features. We are designing the future. Together.