Brexit negotiators have agreed 80 per cent of deal and hope for security pact next week

EU and UK negotiators have agreed 80 per cent of a deal and are gunning for a breakthrough on a post-Brexit security pact next week.

There will be a full slate of talks in London with a heavy focus on police cooperation where the two sides are “closest” to a breakthrough.

EU diplomats said the sides share a “common ambition” to keep close ties on tackling crime and sharing information about suspects.

Mr Barnier is still confident a deal can be struck despite weeks of “going round in circles”.

Negotiators believe the deadlock on trade can be cracked wide open if a compromise is found on state aid rules.

An EU diplomat told The Sun: “A lot has been done at a technical level. A second EU diplomat said: “A deal is not that far, it’s not impossible”.

Source: TheSun