A new record +16000

This has been a fantastic year for my new blog here on www.larskarlsson.com. 

Over the last months the interest and mumber if visitors has not only increased but almost exploded. The weblog ‘Capacity Now’ has now by far surpassed my old blog, ‘Nothing is impossible’ in popularity.

Last month I had more than 16.000 vistors/readers which is truly amazing. 

In November 16.181 people read about capacity building on the blog! Thank you. 

I will continue to develop this channel and this arena for information and dialogue about Customs, borders, trade, security, facilitation, development, capacity building, film, music, sports and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This is a platoform about life. I am glad you like it. 

Stay tuned for 2017. It will be an exiting year with some really interesting news.