Digital Sweden 

Digitization has become a priorty for Sweden and Swedish Government. 

“This is the most important long-term issue for Sweden – it is about the future growth and jobs of the future”, says Minister Mikael Damberg to media, “we are in the fourth industrial revolution. The production is changing, the way we treat consumers, business models. Everything is changing”.

Sweden is one of the world’s leading IT countries. We had early developed a powerful broadband internet infrastucture for the entire country. The Internet and broadband/data/IT penetration in population among the highest in the world. Almost everyone has access to high-speed networks.

As an early adopter of Sweden was ranked as the world’s leading IT country for several years in the 2000s. Now, other countries have caught up. Therefore, keep the Swedish government is now developing a new digitization strategy for the coming years.

“We are in the fourth industrial revolution”.

The Swedish authorities have a very advanced level of data relative to most other countries, but there is always room for improvement. The future will demand it. Also the Swedish business community has a very high level of automation and high tech penetration. 

“For business, it’s about new ways to control production systems, creating new business models. The process itself creates new business models. And it changes the relationship between man and machine”,
says Minister Damberg.

If Swedish industry to succeed, the state acts. This is done through an initiative called, ‘Smart Industry’ – a new strategy for Sweden.

“We are far ahead in terms of our digital infrastructure and Swedes are also prone to change. But many other countries are making great efforts,” says Minister Mikael Damberg.